Research Computing Centre (RCC)

The Research Computing Centre (RCC), established in 2011, provides coordinated management and support of The University of Queensland’s sustained and substantial investment in eResearch. 

The RCC is an innovative and multidisciplinary environment that supports research collaboration to facilitate discoveries in science, engineering, humanities and social sciences through advanced computation, data analysis and other digital research tools.

The RCC aggregates expertise in core eResearch areas, such as cloud computing, data management, high performance computing (HPC), workflow tools and visualisation. The Centre builds on key support services within the University, namely Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Library.


Digital Humanities and Social Sciences team

RCC’s Digital Humanities and Social Sciences team team provide digital consulting, and management and hosting of digital content for UQ HASS academics and HDR students. They can help HASS Researchers with:

  • business analysis
  • co-designing digital solutions from inception to ensure they are cost-effective and well positioned for long-term support
  • setting up prototype platforms
  • adding new features to platforms
  • migrating platforms on external systems to UQ and other local infrastructure
  • fixing software bugs
  • archiving dormant or retired infrastructure
  • planning for future technical work
  • responding to user questions and issues.

The RCC have worked on a range of UQ projects and most recently completed a significant piece of work in upgrading the University of Queensland-led Global Policing Database which has already reaped benefits for the research team, including more funding, academic outputs and collaboration. Other projects utilising HASS RCC services include: Digital Archive of Queensland Architecture (Architecture), Mindfields (Education), Anthropology Museum catalogue Global Policing Database (Social Science). Solomon Islands Digital Archives (Historical and Philosophical Inquiry), Pride, Resilience and Identity: Reimagining Aboriginal Sport History (Human Movements), Environmental Activism Australia (Communications and Social Psychology) and more.

If you are a UQ Humanities, Arts or Social Sciences researcher interested in exploring RCC’s Digital HASS services, please contact the RCC Support Desk: You might also like to subscribe to the RCC Newsletter to stay updated on the latest RCC activities and services.