Top 3 Sources of good Information on the Social side of your life on campus with HASS

Uni is far, far, far more than just classes - if not, then you might be missing what Uni is really all about!

So how do you get involved, where do you tune into what's happening and what opportunities there are for you beyond the classroom?  We got you covered here.  Check out our Top 3 Sources of info on Campus Life & Your Opportunities.

1. On HASS Social Media

Find all your HASS opportunities through our social media channels on including:

1.  Life of HASS - Instagram 
The @uqhasslife instagram is a great student-run space showing life on campus as it's being lived.  They post lots of interesting insights into hass life including student takeovers, humansofhass, and more.  It's also super useful as they publish a lot of cool opportunities, events, and really helpful reminders through their instagram stories.  

2.  NoticeHASS - Facebook (Noticeboard)

The uqhasslife team has a great facebook Notice-Board where you can find all kinds of internships, student leadership, travel, personal development and employability opportunities.  It's updated almost daily and it's one of the best and most active sources of good info for you.  It's also pretty fun and has lots of handy reminders.

3.  UQ Humanities & Social Sciences - LinkedIn

If you're on the verge of stepping out into the world or looking to connect with Alumni and Industry in HASS, this is a great spot for you.  It's great for networking with HASS professionals and to get good tips for enhancing your employability.  

2. The HASS Student Futures Team

Did you know HASS has an entire professional team that works with students to build you a better experience?  

The HASS Student Futures Team (located in Forgan Smith E225/227 (just in from Merlo's) and they have a great website also!  Their team works to do:

1. Build belongingness:  through things like Orientation, HASS leadership, Student Comms, HASS Volutneers, and much more.

2. Build partnership:  between students and staff, students and industry, staff and industry, through various partnerhsips, student representation, and industry initiatives.

3. Build employability:  through our industry mentoring, employability workshops and consultations, professional development and leadership opportunities, and cool curriculum work like HASS Work Integrated Learning and PHSS2000.

Most importantly, they're some of the most helpful and friendly people on campus, so don't be a stranger!  

You can get in touch with the team by emailing them at

3. UQ Life

The UQ Life team and their instagram and facebook channels are one of the best ways to see what is going on UQ-wide!  Good opportunities and all kinds of cool events and hangouts are posted here daily.