Society of Fine Arts (SoFA) is a not-for-profit UQ society that is dedicated to fostering knowledge and passion in the visual arts among UQ students by building a like-minded community. In 2019 SoFA collaborated with QUT's Post Datum artists to create an exhibition at a gallery in Metro Arts, named 'palimpsest'. Guests were treated to free drinks and food while enjoying the exhibition and included approx. 150 UQ staff, students and members of the Brisbane art industry. This was a great opportunity for people, united by their love for art, to meet and mingle with each other – HASS students had the ability to interact with staff and industry members in an incredible networking opportunity. Students were encouraged to make responses to the exhibition, and if selected, will be published in the magazine ‘zine’. This is an incredible opportunity for our members to develop professional skills in curatorial writing and exhibition critique. The exposure among the wider arts community will aid them in their employability in the arts industry.