Henry Law

Radio Producer Presenter
Mediacorp Pte Ltd
I gained very practical and relevant knowledge that continue to be really useful beyond my degree.

Why did you choose to study at UQ and what made/makes you passionate about the discipline you studied?​
A cultural diversity that develops and expands one’s people skills and world view. I really wanted to have the international experience; getting to see the world, embrace different cultures, expand my world view, develop self-reliance, gain valuable introspection, and more importantly, open my mind to different ways of learning while pursuing a tertiary education.

Studying a Bachelor of Communication at UQ in Australia was very easily one of my choice destination for her diversity, both culturally and in education. Plus, it helps that living expenses and tuition fees are relative lower compared to other destinations in the world!

Of course, UQ is one of the leading institutions in the OZ and enjoys a pretty decent global reputation, no matter in university standings or subject rankings! So, all things considered, I took a leap of faith back in 2015 (best decision ever!).

What was the best thing about your program at UQ?
PR Strategy and Practice hands down! I recall having to form teams to design and execute a PR campaign for UBER. It was a really rewarding experience through the process of devising strategies, audience research, designing communication materials, etc. Gained very practical and relevant knowledge that continue to be really useful beyond my degree. On top of that, I bonded really well with the pseudo PR team I was in, and they’ve become great friends for many years and counting since our days together in UQ.

How did your study help you to get to your current role, and what does your current role involve?
Though I pursued a career in Radio Presenting despite my PR major, the degree still proves to be valuable in many areas; writing creatively, content research and strategy, understanding the media’s role and its impact on society, etc. So, theoretically or practically, the knowledge I’ve acquired is still very much industry relevant.

What is your favourite memory of UQ? (For example, friends? Teachers? Campus life? Brisbane lifestyle?)
Those days of grappling with chronic procrastination in BSL. The anxiety that sets in when you are about to receive your grades (all while frantically refreshing the student portal). The road trips and vacations with ‘em crazy mates between semesters. Those hugs and farewells exchanged on that very last day of school; that feeling of reluctance to part with those crazy ones that stuck through Uni together. Staying in shared apartments. Chores. Groceries. Laundry. Burning food. (Okay, maybe not so much haha). It truly is really incredibly tough to pick just one memory. But they are definitely memories that I continue to look back on today with a smile!

What advice would you give to students in the same discipline you studied?
Academics-wise, I shall leave it to the professors! But I would say this: Engage in class, challenge ideas, “haunt” the best professors (yes, they exist. Just go sniff them out.) Some of my best learning I’ve gotten are during these “visits” to those wonderful profs! Also, get started on your readings early, you’ll thank me later! Apart from that, go get involved outside of the classroom too! Find a club, volunteer, take part in events, or whatever else the vibrant campus has to offer. Basically, make the most out of your Uni life, this is honestly where the REAL learning takes place!


Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)