Eddy Garcia-Grant

Centre Manager
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
I have a weakness for the Arts, that is to say, I have a passion for anything involving the Arts, especially when it comes to storytelling, whether it be in the form of fine arts, written words, live theatre or moving images.

What were your 3 favourite moments of studying at UQ?

Favourite moment one:

Arriving on campus on the first day of O'Week - I originally commenced my studies undertaking a BA/LLB, and that first day walking the surrounds of the quad and getting my bearings with regards to the Forgan Smith building, where most of my Law lectures were to be held, made my tertiary studies seem tangibly real. I was undeniably proud of being accepted at my first preference University, to undertake my first preference course. At the same time, the myriad of cosmopolitan faces and abundance of Clubs and Societies sign-up tables spread around the quad made me realise that the University experience wasn't only about study. It dawned on me that forming new friendships, relationships and networks would be just as important.

Favourite moment two:

Securing a casual job at the Schonell Theatre during my first semester - ever a pop culture enthusiast, I was stoked that UQ had it's own very own cultural precinct, and better yet, that I had successfully gained employment on campus to support my studies. I could race-off from lectures and be at work in under five minutes. Inspired as a teenager by episodes of LA Law and Embassy, it had been my original goal to pursue a career in Law and Diplomacy. Little did I know at the time thanks to my studies in Media, Culture and Society, along with Communication, that the Schonell Theatre and more broadly the Brisbane Arts Scene, would end-up being my professional home for many years to come.

Favourite moment three:

Graduating with a Bachelors of Arts with a double major in Psychology - then being offered a full-time role as a Business Administrator. I honestly feel that the knowledge gained whilst undertaking my tertiary studies prepared me to become an insightful team leader and player. Communication, Intergroup Relationships and Processes, Attitudes and Social Cognition, Statistical Analysis, Judgement and Decision Making, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, all of these were subjects within my BA that I credit for providing me with the essential skills underpinning my business management career.

What was one of the hardest moments?
Deciding not to pursue a career in Law - it had been one of my high school ambitions to take-up a Legal career and I finished top of my high school graduating class in Legal Studies. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I realised that my passion lay else where, not with Law. As Aristotle put it, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”.   I hoped pursue a profession that reflected this, which ultimately led me to a career in business and event management.

What do you think the biggest learning experiences were?
Balancing study, work, relationships, social networking and activism. The University experience at UQ presents a plethora of learning opportunities and not all of them are in the lecture hall. The UQ Union is active and engaging and sponsors a diverse array of Clubs and Societies. Like many UQ students I moved out of home in my first year of University. Taking up the challenge of becoming a fully rounded person, balancing competing demands and priorities, away from the parental safety net, becoming educated in all aspects of life, not just academically, was the biggest learning experience of all.

What are you passionate about? What captures your curiosity?
I have a weakness for the Arts, that is to say, I have a passion for anything involving the Arts, especially when it comes to storytelling, whether it be in the form of fine arts, written words, live theatre or moving images. I'm also enthusiastic about delivering and facilitating experiences for my clients and my team that are memorable, unique and positive. To quote Sirius Black from Harry Potter, “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” I'm passionate about people and feel that a good leaders possess a natural curiosity for wanting to know what makes people tick, and further that good leaders know how to successfully balance loyalty to their people with loyalty to their businesses goals.



Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)