Hazwan Dani Abdul Kadir

HASS Scholarship for Excellence 2019 recipient
The opportunities to build your career and network among professionals here is immense. It is definitely well worth it, not only is your welfare taken care of as a student, but academic student support is great

Why did you choose to study at UQ?
I chose to study at UQ because it has a reputable Law and Political Science school as well as teaching staff that are well qualified and very experienced. Not to mention the fact that the University consistently ranks in the Top 50 Universities globally also contributed to my decision.

Were you awarded a scholarship to study at UQ?

If yes, what scholarship were you awarded?
HASS Academic Excellence Award for Postgraduate Studies

How did you find out about the scholarship?
I found out about the scholarship after attending an Education Fair in Malaysia. I was interested to study at UQ because I have never studied in Australia before and the fact that UQ offers scholarship for my field and is closer regionally to Malaysia made me eager to experience life as a student in a prestigious Australian University.

In what way did the scholarship benefit you and your studies?
The scholarship benefitted my study by reducing my financial burden and gave me exposure and networking to professionals and fellow cohorts that are really dedicated in their field. It allows me to be where I am today, a student, studying at a prestigious Australian university, surrounded by knowledgeable academics and in a beautiful multicultural country.

Tell us about your experience at UQ. What is the best thing about studying at UQ?
The best thing about studying at UQ is the world class facilities. I absolutely love how the library opens 24/7 and you can study anywhere to your liking. Internet is fast, there is ample bicycle parking spots, campus is clean, and plenty of things to eat. It also feels safe, and all of the administrative staff and faculty members are super nice and friendly. It really feels like home away from home. 

What is special or unique about your program?
I chose my program because it is a double Master's program that I hope would give me leverage and increases my chances of employability because not only would I have a Master's in International Relations but also I would have a Master's in International Law degree. All of this within 2 years of study period, which is not bad considering all of my lecturers who have taught me are very well qualified and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. 

Why did you choose to study in Brisbane?
I chose to study in Brisbane because it is a multicultural and diverse city that is sprawling with all kinds people from various walks of life.  Additionally, I have never been to Brisbane but I have been to Melbourne. Hence, I thought Brisbane would be good as it is not too hectic and busy as compared to Sydney, but also not too quiet like Canberra.

Tell us about your future career goals. What will you do after you graduate?
I plan to venture into an academic career after I graduate. Hopefully become a lecturer somewhere down the line. I plan to work hard and obtain  good results so that I can hopefully obtain a scholarship to further do my PhD here at UQ. My other plan is to find a job that is in the government sector or United Nations or any NGO body or Intergovernmental organization that allows me to practice what I have learned and be in my field which is concerning State relations and global governance.

What challenges have you came across in your study? How did you overcome them?
Challenges that I came across in my study were the difference in academic and student culture. The workload and assessment here is more  intense and I feel that I really need to struggle to obtain good results. I also needed to adapt to the academic environment here and how there is a lot of reading and writing as well as critical thinking and interaction. At the beginning I also had trouble listening to some of my lecturers because they spoke fast and in a very thick Australian accent. Nonetheless, all of these challenges I am confident that I can overcome them as I have already done so during the first semester with relative ease and satisfaction.

What advice would you give to international students who are considering studying at UQ?
My advice to International students considering to study at UQ is to go ahead and come to UQ. It is a prestigious university with world class amenities and facilities. The opportunities to build your career and network among professionals here is immense. It is definitely well worth it, not only is your welfare taken care of as a student, but academic student support is great, the public transportation is great, the people are wonderful, and the campus looks stunningly beautiful! The student community here is also amazing and you get to meet and befriends with locals and international students alike! UQ gives you the opportunity to do exactly what their slogan and motto says, that is to "Create Change" and "Own the Unknown".


Master of International Relations/ International Law