Silvan Rus

Philosophy at UQ will help you become lethal at diagnosing or solving problems, defending a stance, and winning support through philosophical wonder.

I loved studying Philosophy because of the wonder I found in philosophical texts; the welcoming community amongst the staff, postgraduates, and fellow students; and a greater sense of capability it gave me in my personal and professional life.

The texts we were introduced during the course - especially those from the German Continental tradition really cracked in my mind a transformative sense of wonder which made me more aware of the things that I was once oblivious to.

I'm blessed to say that I've made friends during my studies of whom I'd keep for the rest of my life. Moreover, the philosophers at UQ are the most approachable and supportive lecturers than those of any other department I've studied in. Their mentorship has truly been a gift to me of whom I cannot be thankful for enough. 

While studying an Arts degree may have been the butt of cliched jokes, strange as this may sound, philosophy at UQ has made me feel more lethal. During the course, you will hear lectures about complex problems; in your tutorials your will articulate and take ownership of complex concepts; and in your essays you will wrestle with questions of a Goliath complexity. 

Through these activities, I found myself having a greater sense of agency in the worlds I worked in. I had the pleasure of working with the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble during my studies; UQ's very own artist-run professional theatre company where I not only performed but took part in running the business. On the artistic side, philosophy helped me understand the thoughts of Shakespeare as if they were my own, giving me a unique approach to performing roles such as Hamlet and Prince Hal. On the business side I worked in Partnerships and Philanthropy.

Philosophy helped me structure proposals for new ideas with logical clarity, often winning the support of my team members to deliver them. I felt that over time I gained a greater knack for strategy and persuasion, the ability to think creatively and coherently, diagnose and solve problems, and found the courage to speak my mind, all the while having been humbled by how much there is to know about this world.

I think Philosophy at UQ is a breeder of competent people, of both the personal and professional realms of life. 


Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and Chinese)