From your first week -- TO -- Your first few months

Orientation can be totally overwhelming, there is SO much info and it's hard not to get lost when all you want to do is be able to find your classes, meet some friends, and have a good feed! 

We get it, so here is something to bring you back to basics once you've had a chance to breath!

Top 3 Things to do in your first few months at UQ!

1. Make some new friends!

Making friends is important... It seems obvious but it's actually way more important than you think.  Even your besties from High School can't fully support you if they are somewhere else doing other things.  Remember, you have 3+ years ahead of you, find some people here doing the things you are doing here!  This will help you establish the support network you need going forward.  Also... FUN!

So what are the best ways to do this?

1. Join a club/society/extracurricular activity - something so that uni isn't just going to class and doing assessments.  

2. Attend HASS events  - a great way to meet new people is by attending your classes and engaging in events held across the uni!  HASS offer some fantastic events and activities throughout the semester from fun social get-togethers to industry networking evening - Check out the HASS Events page to register for events now!

2. Sink your teeth into your new life on Campus

UQ has so much to offer on campus!  The fun doesn't stop with O-Week.  UQ Life runs a variety of social and networking events to help you get the most out of your experience at UQ.

  1.  O-Week

O-Week is an important step to starting university and making new friends, so make sure you get involved! Whether you are at St Lucia, Gatton or Herston, there will be something on for everyone. There are a number of compulsory and recommended sessions available for students at each campus, so be sure to find out what's on and schedule them in between social events in your Orientation Planner.

  1.  Connect Week (Week1)

Connect Week is all about making connections at university that last a life time. This is your opportunity to connect with your peers, teachers, clubs and societies, and a chance to try something new.

Check out the full program

  • Attend Market Day

    Market Day is key to connecting yourself with the University and what it has to offer. There will be hundreds of stalls highlighting internal and external services, clubs, societies and programs for students to get involved in.

  • Welcome BBQ

    Attend the Official Welcome BBQ. This event brings thousands of new and current students together over a giant feast and entertainment as we welcome you to the new university year.

  1.  Success Week (Week 2)

Success Week is where you start to wind down your orientation experience and start to navigate university life on your own two feet. This week we will host a number of fun events, tours and experiences for all students to enjoy before your studies kick off for the year.

  • Any last questions? Drop by the Welcome Hub fom 10am-4pm to get your questions answered or just enjoy one last week of relaxation, live music and entertainment.
  • Get a truly cultural experience with@uqspear and @uqlife at their Mana of the Pacific event.
  • If you are a new postgraduate student attend the Postgraduate Mixer for St Lucia and Herston
  • Start thinking about your career at 'Coffee and Careers'. Get a free caffeine hit whilst having a casual chat to career advisors

Make sure to like the UQ Life Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the latest events and activities across UQ.

3. Find a study routine that works for you!

Studying and classes is going to be the backbone of your time at uni, and the habits you form now will make a difference!  

Studying is more than just how you read textbooks and prep for exams, it's how you attend classes, how you take notes, how you read the ECP (electronic course profiles), how you read your assessment descriptions and rubrics, how much time you spend learning about what they're talking about in lectures beyond the talk, and more!

So here are a few pro tips to consider:

1.  It's not just about time in class.  Did you know that you're expected to spend as much time (more actually) out of class studying your subject each day than you spend in class?  Yup... that's a thing!   2/1 is the ratio - so for ever in-class hour you spend on a class, it is expected that you're spending 2 hours outside of class on the subject!

2. Experiement with different approaches.  You may find your old HS study habits don't work for you anymore - or at least that there are way more open to you than ever before - HS didn't have a 24/7 library for you to study in or sleep pods for naps (I mean... if yours did, then WOW!).  But also, you're studying different things and your classes demand a different appraoch.  So don't be afraid to experiment with different approaches to studying and find the groove that's right for you.  The sooner you find it, the more comfortable assessments and tests will be.   Oh, and don't forget, different subjects may require different study styles.  If your grades for one class are mostly based on assessments while your other class is all mutliple-choice exams... you're going to have to master a few different approaches.   So try many things and see what feels right for you!

3. Build your time management strategies.  Time management at uni is deceptive.  You've likely never had more 'freedom' and autonomy before, and it's liberating to have some breathing space and elbow room - have fun with it!  But also don't forget that you're going to have to develop some self discipline strategies like you've never had to before.  Your lectureres may never EVER mention a deadline in class (it's in your ECP and it's up to YOU to find it, and hold yourself accountable to it).  They certainly won't be there to remind you to study and won't be sending study diaries home for your parents to check.  It's all on you!  Time management can quickly get out of control so seek out workshops on it or tips from  those who seem good and get some strategies going soon!  Last minute is the WORST habit to form!