The Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences provides knowledge leadership across a broad and coherent set of disciplines that translate human experience into value for future generations. Through its pursuit of excellence in the preservation, creation, transfer and application of knowledge, the Faculty develops leaders that shape the future. The Faculty celebrates the success of its students, staff and alumni, who have distinguished themselves at the highest level and enriched communities at home and abroad.

The Faculty was established in 2014 and incorporates the Institute for Social Science Research, seven Schools (Education, Communication and Arts, Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, Languages and Cultures, Music, Political Science and International Studies, and Social Science) and a number of specialist research centres. The Faculty is internationally competitive according to established benchmarks and has the breadth and disciplinary coherence needed to underpin outstanding teaching and research. The Faculty is global in outlook and engaged with the problems of government, industry and the community. It is built on a tradition of respect for diversity and engagement with indigenous knowledge and experience.