Philanthropic agreement reached with Ramsay Centre

19 November 2019

The University of Queensland will welcome the first of five cohorts studying an extended major in Western Civilisation next year, following the signing of a philanthropic agreement with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation.

The agreement formalises arrangements to fund approximately 150 Ramsay Scholars, 10 academic staff and two professional staff to deliver the programs.

UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj AC said he was pleased to have the final step in place.

“This means the programs in Western Civilisation, supported by more than $50 million in philanthropic funding from the Ramsay Centre over eight years, will begin in 2020 as expected,” Professor Høj said.

“I look forward to welcoming the first of five cohorts of students studying an extended major in Western Civilisation next year.

“They will have an outstanding opportunity to engage with key intellectual works – artistic, musical, literary – that have shaped western civilisation, and to consider in small group discussions what they have to say about human nature, society and the world today.”

The extended major in Western Civilisation will be available via two pathways – a Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours) and a Bachelor of Humanities (Western Civilisation) / Bachelor of Laws (Honours).

“Through these pathways, students will develop knowledge and insights applicable to many of the big problems our societies face today, while developing essential skills in reasoning, writing and argumentation, which are relevant to numerous professional roles and settings – including jobs that may not exist yet,” added Professor Høj.

The philanthropic agreement, like the MOU, is consistent with the University’s policies and principles, including autonomy over the curriculum, academic appointments, academic freedom, and governance arrangements.

An overview of the Western Civilisation curriculum can be viewed here, and more information on the program is here.

Future students interested in applying for a UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship - Western Civilisation, worth up to $30,000 per year can apply here.

Scholarships are open to Australian citizens or permanent residents whose endeavours are driven by compassion, a desire to better the lives of all members of the community, and a strong code of ethics.

Eligible students must either be completing year 12 in the year of application, or have already completed year 12 in the year preceding application.

The University is pleased to share the key academic clauses of the Philanthropic Agreement here.  The full text of the Philanthropic Agreement will not be released as it contains information and provisions that are commercial in confidence.