Health, home, hope

24 July 2023

How does it feel to have no home? What does it look like from ‘outside the inside’? And how do people cope?

With considerable suffering is how – but with glimmers of hope and gleams of ingenuity too.

Engage with how housing instability impacts health and wellbeing, from the point of view of those actually living it in Brisbane, at Health Home Hope – a photographic exhibition on housing instability and health, on display at UQ St Lucia Open Day, Sunday 6, until 11 August 2023.

This powerful exhibition – the product of UQ-led research on housing instability in partnership with Brisbane-based not-for-profit community service provider Micah Projects – provides a unique perspective on the actions people take to care for themselves and others in the same situation – according to Dr Stefanie Plage, a research fellow from the Life Course Centre in the School of Social Science.

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