Celebrating our 2023 UQ Alumni Award Winners

27 October 2023

18 remarkable alumni were recognised at the Courting the Greats Ceremony last night, as our 2023 UQ Alumni Award Winners. 7 were alum from Arts and Music!

These winners form a cohort of local heroes and global ChangeMakers, transforming communities for the better. 

The 7 leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives and advocates for social justice in HASS related disciplines that were awarded are listed below:

Vice-Chancellor's Alumni Excellence Awards
Recognises the significant contributions made by outstanding alumni in the local community and beyond.

  • The Honourable Dr Anna Bligh AC, Bachelor of Arts 1981, Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) 2010, The Women’s College

    "On the day I was sworn in as a member of parliament, my mother gave me a card with the simple quote "to thine own self be true". I pinned the card on the notice board of every office I held as an important reminder to listen to my own compass and resist the many forces that can push people around in public life."
  • Dr Catherine Likhuta, Doctor of Philosophy (Music) 2020

    "As a sixth generation Ukrainian on both sides of my family, Ukrainian folk music runs through my veins. I love coming up with folk-inspired tunes and incorporating them into my otherwise contemporary and jazz-inspired musical language."

The Honourable Dr Anna Bligh AC.   Dr Catherine Likhuta.

Distinguished Young Alumni Awards
Recognises young alumni whose early-career accomplishments provide inspiration to the University’s students and alumni community.

  • Famin Ahmed, Bachelor of Arts 2019; Bachelor of Laws 2019

    "Think about how you can use your skills and resources to give back to those less fortunate, whether it be through donating money regularly or volunteering. If everyone did a little, imagine how much we could achieve!"

  • Hailey Brown, Bachelor of Arts 2021, Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management 2021, Union College

    "My goal is to see a society where inclusivity is inherently integrated in all our designs and innovations. Where individuals with disabilities, whether physical or non-physical, don't have to fight to be heard and can access and enjoy experiences without the barriers created by the industry."
  • Dr Paul Hodge, Bachelor of Music (Hons) 2008, Doctor of Philosophy (Music) 2016

    "My grandma and my parents nurtured my love of the arts and have always supported me in pursuing a career in the theatre industry."

Famin Ahmed.   Hailey Brown.   Dr Paul Hodge.

Contribution to Sport Alumni Award 
Recognises an alum for their outstanding contribution to sport and the positive impact this has on the wider community, nationally or internationally.

  • Tim Kerrison, Bachelor of Applied Science 1995, Bachelor of Science (Hons) 1996, Bachelor of Arts 1998

    "I admire people with diverse talents who channel them into making a positive difference in the world." 

Tim Kerrison.

Colleges' UQ Alumni Award 
Honours an alum for their outstanding contribution to a residential college and UQ, who continues to make a positive impact on the wider community, nationally or internationally.

  • The Honourable Dr Mary Crawford AM, Bachelor of Arts 1968, Graduate Diploma of Education 1969, Duchesne College

    "I always wanted to be a teacher. I played school with my siblings and just loved the idea of teaching. I was always an avid reader."

The Honourable Dr Mary Crawford AM.

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