Exploring museology

21 February 2024
Dr Caroline Wilson-Barnao
Dr Caroline Wilson-Barnao.

It is a fascinating concept that a social system or culture can be read through the lens of the museum, its objects and display practices. 

Having worked as a communications professional in the arts, culture and not-for-profit sector for more than 20 years, Dr Caroline Wilson-Barnao has spent her fair share of time at museums, art galleries and libraries. 

As Director of UQ’s Master of Museum Studies program, she values museology as a discipline as it explores the ever-evolving role of galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMS) in society. 

“It helps us to make sense of the history through the collection and preservation of objects, which in turn plays an important role in helping us to understand society both now and in the future,” says Caroline. 

This is where Caroline’s interest lies – in the role museums have in shaping society.  

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