AustLit is the result of almost two decades of collaborative research and compilation of information about Australian writers and institutions across all forms of storytelling.

No other country in the world has attempted to compile such a comprehensive record of a nation’s creative writing and associated critical works.

On average, more than six hundred work records are added to the database each week.  The database encompasses bibliographic information about fiction and poetry, writing for the theatre, flim and television, biographical and travel writing and criticism and reviews. 

 A network of scholars and researchers across Australia are responsible for creating the most comprehensive record of our cultural history, providing detailed biographical and bibliographical information, full text collections, and specialist research project outcomes.

AustLit is a not-for-profit subscription service available to libraries, schools and universities. 

AustLit is the host of BlackWords, providing access to a vast record of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and their publications.

BlackWords records information about the lives, careers, and works of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers and storytellers and the literary cultures and traditions that formed and influenced them. 

BlackWords publishes research outcomes, full text, datasets, teaching material and curated content designed to share information and deepen knowledge and understanding.


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Many Australian schools have limited resources and opportunities to engage in Australian literature. 

AustLit is aiming to reach more communities, schools and local libraries across Australia, but they cannot do it alone.

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