We have recently completed a review of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) and have made some changes to these programs which impact the BA/BSocSc dual for students commencing in Semester 1, 2021.

Some of the changes were made to standardise aspects of UQ undergraduate programs, including the unit-value of Majors. Other changes were made to ensure that we have a sustainable suite of program, plan and course offerings.

When viewing the  2020 BA course list or 2020 BSocSc course lists on the Programs and Courses website, you can change which year you are viewing using the dropdown box near the top right of the list to compare the 2021 BA/BSocSc with the pre-2021 program.

The changes that have been made to this program will affect students commencing in Semester 1, 2021

As a continuing student, your choice of plans (Minors, Majors, Extended Majors) will determine to what extent you are affected by these changes. Please be assured that if you remain in your pre-2021 dual degree program you will be able to complete the combination of plans you have commenced.

We are here to provide you with some further detail to guide your enrolment decisions and to help you plan your enrolment for 2021.

Please read the information below carefully and consider the option that is best for you. If you decide you would like to change to the 2021 program for Semester 1, 2021, you will need to submit a program change request in your mySI-net account by 12 February 2021 (program change requests open 4 December 2020).

5. I am thinking of changing to the 2021 BA/BSocSc dual program. What should I consider?

If you are thinking of changing to the 2021 BA/BSocSc (program code 2505) and you are a domestic student please note that you will be charged the 2021 fee schedule. Please view the unit of study fees schedule for further details.  

Your decision about changing should be informed by how many units of study you have already completed as well as the major you wish to complete. We will try to maximise transfer of credit if you change to the 2021 program. If you have completed more than 16 units, we strongly recommend you complete your current program and course list because it might not be possible to credit all courses you have completed.

Further, if you wish to complete either the Health and Society Major or Social and Public Policy Major you will need to remain in your current program because these majors are not available in the 2021 program. 

If you change into the 2021 BA/BSocSc dual program (program code 2505), you must follow the new structure and rules for BOTH component programs.  You cannot choose to follow the old structure in one component, and the new structure in the other. 

  • For example, if you change in to the 2021 dual you will be unable to complete pre-2021 BA plan combinations that are on longer offered - such as a Major and two Minors, or BA electives with an Extended Major (as 2021 rules require a Minor to completed in conjunction with an Extended Major).

Some BA plans have been discontinued in 2020, and these plans will not be available in the 2021 dual program. 

  • For example, if you are currently completing the Public Policy Major or Korean Extended Major in a BA component of your dual program, these plans will not be available in the 2021 BA dual program.  For the Public Policy Major - you would need to consider completing another Major offered by the School of Political Science and International Studies. For the Korean Extended Major – you would need to consider completing a Korean Major as well as a second BA Major.

If you still wish to change to the 2021 program please contact our Student Administration team for further advice hass@uq.edu.au