Top 3 Best Sources of Information & Support for HASS Students

Top 3 Sources of good Information on the Social side of your life on campus with HASS

Uni is far, far, far more than just classes - if not, then you might be missing what Uni is really all about!

So how do you get involved, where do you tune into what's happening and what opportunities are there for you beyond the classroom?  We've got you covered.  Check out our Top 3 Sources of info on Campus Life & Your Opportunities.

The Top 3 Sources for solid Academic Information for HASS students.

So this is what the high-ups want you to THINK is the most important thing.   Just remember that famous quote "Don't let School get in the way of your Education"!  Seriously though, these are your go-to, book-markable, favouritedest, and shareable sources for life-saving academic info!

The Best Sources for Wellbeing Help and Support!

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a way to get edge-up the top of your game or if you're on the verge of a panic-induced meltdown, these sources of info will help you find what you need when you need it!