How do you want to do History

Your career isn't defined by the name of the program you studied; let your career be defined by your strengths.

Use the list below as a starting point to help identify career pathways based on your strengths and your interest in History. 

Just remember, there may not be many job listings for historians; but there are many jobs that require the skills you developed during study, and a critical historical perspective.  

This list isn't prescriptive or exhaustive; some careers can be merged with others that are listed on this page or with careers from other disciplines. You might find that to be successful in one career you may need to follow another pathway first, or that one career can create opportunities for many different pathways.  

This page was created through a HASS Student Futures Student Staff Partnership.  

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Student Partner






Samuel is an Advanced Humanities (Honours) student majoring in history who is interested in articulating how HASS students are valuable in the government and private sector, and the pathways they can take to get there. 

Staff Partner

Locky is the Career Development Learning Advisor for the HASS Faculty who studied many history units as part of his BA majoring in Politics and International Relations. It's Locky's mission to help HASS students recognise and articulate their capabilities, and plan for their future career.