The HASS Student Futures Team regularly works with students on a partnership basis, collaborating on events and initiatives that benefit both students and faculty. 

The students as partners approach is based on the core tenets of respect, reciprocity and shared responsiblity. By taking ownership of projects, students develop their skills and employability while providing authentic ideas and fresh skills and perspectives to projects.

Student Partners have organised welcome and induction activities, helped develop a new minor, organised career and cohort-building events, and developed pilot partnership programs, all for HASS students.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to be a Student Partner? Read about Kristen and Shi Pui’s experience!    

Current partnership opportunities

The Student Futures Team have a number of partnership opportunities available for semester 2, 2019. Applications close 6 June 2019.

Apply now via the relevant project link:

HASS Career Resources

The Student Futures team aims to provide students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) with information, advice and experiences that help them to navigate their studies and career aspirations. We want to provide career advice and support to HASS students that is relevant, specific to their needs, and informative. This project will help us understand what HASS students need to navigate their studies and succeed after graduation, and develop resources that student’s value and engage with in multiple ways.

The Student Partner on this project will have the opportunity to be the main driver of this project as they will bring their experiences with career advisory services and their own professional development and learning to the table.

Contact: Locky Kaye

HASS Connect Mentoring Program

This program connects later year undergraduate students in the HASS Faculty with industry professionals from many diverse careers. Students will be matched with a mentor to explore potential career pathways and get practical advice on how to start living it!

We are seeking two student partners to co-design and implement this program in semester 2, 2019. Key responsibilities include:

·         Designing and co-facilitating student workshops

·         Organising networking events

·         Implementing an evaluation framework to evaluate the program and make improvements

Contact: Jackie Fuller


The HASS Crew is a student-led initiative that aims to improve HASS students’ sense of belonging within the Faculty by:

·         Facilitating meaningful and regular peer-to-peer interaction between HASS students,

·         Guiding students in determining study pathways that align with their own career and life aspirations, and

·         Informing a sustainable approach to welcome and induction activities within the HASS Faculty.

The HASS Student Futures team will collaborate with two Student Partners and student volunteers in Semester 2 2019 to provide opportunities for students to design, lead, and participate in events that foster a sense of belonging to the faculty, build community, and include opportunities to engage with industry and alumni.

Contact: Ben Graham

HASS Leadership Program

This partnership project will involve project staff, academics and students collaborating to develop program activities, workshops, guideline materials, curriculum, promotional collateral, induction and celebration events. Student Partners will be the main drivers as they bring their expertise, skills, and insight to develop and implement the program through active design sessions, leading and guiding team meetings, event implementation and evaluation.

Contact: Ben Graham

How to HASS: Helping students navigate HASS through video community

The Student Futures & Student Administration teams aim to enhance the student experience by building a community and helping students effectively navigate the systems and structures that affect their daily lives in HASS.  As a student partner on this project you will be responsible for co-developing and implementing a YouTube Community Channel-like series that helps HASS students navigate their landscape in a fun, simple, and personable way. This communications and online community project will include a range of activities, with scope for you to develop your own engagement ideas.

Contact: Jimi Bursaw

Student Communications Team Pilot

We are seeking enthusiastic, creative and digitally literate student partners to join a team dedicated to nurturing engagement with HASS students. The project team will be responsible for co-developing and co-managing the HASS team communications and digital strategy to ensure students are provided with key information about events and activities throughout the university. You will also be co-leading a team of student volunteer reporters, content creators, and moderators.

Contact: Jimi Bursaw

Student life-cycle and graduation preparedness project

Seeking creative, analytical thinkers with a good sense of the ebb-and-flow of student life on and off campus who can contribute in investigating the student experiences over time from student personal, academic, social, and administrative perspective. You will be responsible for co-developing a student life-cycle mapping project through focus groups with students and service staff in order to articulate a functional ‘at a glance’ summary of key student experiences month-by-month and through the lifespan of their studies. You will also be liaising with other institutions around innovative and creative practices around preparing students for graduation and consulting with support staff and even graduating or recently graduated students about known barriers to graduation.

Contact: Jimi Bursaw

Student representation in HASS

Student and Staff Partners will collaborate together to collect and analyse insights, and decide what resources will be most beneficial to student representatives as well as have a positive impact for staff members on committees. Student Partners will be the main drivers of this project as the resources will derive from their own student experiences, as well as the information they gather from students and staff across UQ. Staff Partners will be able to use their expertise as project managers to help ensure that the resources are within the scope of the project, as well as giving an insight into whether the Faculty is able to provide the necessary support needed to achieve project outcomes.

Contact: Jimi Bursaw

Hear what students and staff have to say about working in partnership: 


Current Partners

  • Phoebe Le Brocque

    HASS Storyteller
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Chelsea Clark

    HASS Storyteller
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Grace Dunn

    Student Partner, HASS Course Design
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Tia Scott

    Student Partner, HASS Course Design
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • hanifa-uq-hass-student

    Hanifa Fadhila Pramana

    HASS Crew Leader
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Angus-Student-UQ-HASS

    Angus Robertson

    HASS Crew Leader
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Isabelle-UQ-HASS-Student

    Isabelle Bettridge

    Designer, HASS Leadership Program
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Anastasia-UQ-HASS-Student

    Anastasia Georgiou

    Designer, HASS Leadership Program
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Daniel Diaz

    Student Partner, Student Representative Support
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Joy Chalaby

    Student Partner, Student Representative Support
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Nibir Khan

    Student Partner, Work Integrated Learning Resources
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Brit Hawkins

    Student Partner, HASS Connect Mentoring Program
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Georgia Whybird

    Student Partner, HASS Connect Mentoring Program
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
  • Niama Beaton

    Student Partner, Career Development Learning Resources
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Former Partners

Thank you to the wonderful Student Partners who have helped create new opportunities and community events for their fellow HASS students since 2018. We couldn’t have done this important work without you!

  • Alynna Wong, Bachelor of Journalism / Laws
  • Annisha Karismha, Bachelor of Communication
  • Ashley Mallett-Wallace, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Caelan Rafferty, Bachelor of Economics / Laws (Honours) 
  • Catherine Coogan-West, Master of Development Practice
  • Emily Donald, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Ian Trinh, Bachelor of Arts
  • Inari Saltau, Bachelor of Arts / Social Science
  • Jean Wong, Diploma of Science
  • Linden Peacock, Bachelor of Arts / Laws (Honours) 
  • Lucy Noble-Dickinson, Bachelor of Arts / Laws
  • Morgan Marks, Master of Peace and Conflict Studies      
  • Naima Crisp, Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Nicola Cook, Bachelor of Arts / Journalism 
  • Qian He, Master of Communication
  • Sabrina James, Bachelor of Arts
  • Sekar Wibowo, Bachelor of Communication
  • Shirley Luy, Bachelor of Business Management / Journalism
  • Sophie Priebbenow, Bachelor of Arts / Laws
  • Stuart Russell, Bachelor of Arts
  • Sunny Pan, Bachelor of Arts / Communication
  • Yanyan Hong, Bachelor of Communication

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