Established in 2015, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) Advisory Board comprises industry members who reflect the diverse disciplines within the BA and a broad range of industries, including business, non-profits, community organisations, government, media industries, arts and cultural organisations, and education.

The purpose of the BA Advisory Board is to:

  • Provide independent, external and strategic advice to the Faculty Executive Dean and BA Management Committee to assist with development of the BA, the student experience, and employability of graduates.
  • Consider and respond to a range of specific issues relevant to the BA, which may include:
    • the future of relevant industries and employment within industries;
    • articulating the value of a BA education to students and industry;
    • identifying new opportunities and partnerships with industry; and
    • engaging BA students and staff in diverse, global and inclusive communities.

The terms of reference are available here. For more information, please contact Ben Graham, Secretary of the BA Advisory Board, at


Industry Board Members 

  • Nikki Bazaine

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Woodridge State High School
  • Melissa O’Rourke

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Carl Hinze

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Holding Redlich
  • Dr S. Kate Devitt

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Trusted Autonomous Systems
  • Ann McLean

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Project Manager (Creative Industries)
  • Patrick Nolan

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Opera Queensland
  • Daisy Thomas

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Legal Aid Queensland
  • John Thomas

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Lourdes Hill College
  • Mike Tyler

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Department of Education, Training and Employment
  • Bernice Watson

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Queensland Parliamentary Service
  • Stuart Watt

    BA Advisory Board Member
    ABC News Digital
  • Lester Ford

    BA Advisory Board Member
    Modern Language Teachers' Association of Queensland

UQ Board Members