The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences welcomes our new students and encourages them to take advantage of all that is offered through UQ’s vibrant and rewarding community of students, academic, and professional staff.

UQ has developed several helpful tools and websites to assist new students, and all of these can be accessed through the UQ Orientation website. The Faculty has also developed a resource for new students to assist them in navigating important websites, and you can access this here. Sample first year planners for our undergraduate programs can be accessed here.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers several program specific enrolment seminars, and welcome sessions, during orientation week. Dates and times can be found at the above link, under 'Orientation Week'. These sessions are available below (in PDF form) or on the right (in video).


As part of the Student Charter it is a requirement that you know and understand your official program rules and requirements, and you can find this information here, by selecting your program, and then clicking on 'Program Rules and Requirements'. To assist you in visualising your program structure you can view, and print, the below program specific bookmark. These bookmarks provide general information about the structure of your program: