The HASS Enabler Funding Scheme is provided to support early career and mid-career teaching and research academics (Level A-C) who have maintained a standard teaching load since Semester 1, 2020, to get their research program back on track after the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated impacts on research productivity. 

The HASS Enabler Funding Scheme is designed to enable researchers to commence or progress a significant piece of research, complete a concrete research outcome or publish high-quality research (conventional or non-traditional) in quality outlets. Staff are encouraged to think imaginatively about how to use the funding under the scheme. Collaboration between researchers is encouraged.

The HASS Enabler Funding Scheme will operate in two rounds. Staff will not be disadvantaged if they wait for Round 2. The approach is simply designed to recognise that some staff will be ready to apply immediately, whereas others may need more time. Two funding rounds will also assist Heads of School in managing any associated workload impacts across the remainder of 2021 (Semester Two) and into 2022 (Semester One and Semester Two).