The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) recognises exemplary undergraduate student performance in HASS courses on a semester-by-semester basis. Each semester (excluding Summer Semester) undergraduate students in the top 100 of those who complete a full-time semester study load comprising at least #6 of study in HASS courses are congratulated on their achievements as Dean’s Scholars.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences values the outstanding commitment and enthusiasm that Dean’s Scholars bring to their university studies and looks forward to following their continued development and academic success at UQ.   

In recognition of outstanding academic achievement:

Aitken Amy
Allen Kye
Anstey-Codd Emma
Aziz Sanya
Barnes Anne
Barthet Frederic
Booth Laura
Bourke Imogen
Bucher Nancy
Bunker Bridget
Butler Sophie
Chamberlain Callum
Champain Kate
Chong Celine
Chong Alice
Chumpia Erika
Collins Eloise
Connolly Katherine
Coombes Christopher
Coupe Madelyn
Coyle Shannon
Crook Elara
Cuerton Maddison
Daniel Finn
Dargusch Bronte
Dassanayake Anjana
Day Matilda
De Luca Eden
Dimauro Claire
Douglas-Drysdale Mehitabel
Dunphy Jessica
Ellis Jessica
Eshun Kwame
Faa Marian
Fell Talia
Flynn Sophie
Gibson-Dougall Lilly


Green Ruby
Haddad Connor
Hales Tiffany
Hawkins Brittany
Holland Katy
Howarth Imogen
Huang Zhengjun
Hunter Iain
James-Hook Hanna
Jarnet Alice
Jarrah Joshua
Jeremy Grace
Johnson Dominic
Jones Ciara
Kelly Niamh
King Phoebe
Kircher Annalise
Kuru Liisa
Lal Suneha
Lawes Shelley
Lazootin Madeleine
Lee Jane
Levick Samantha
Levy Anna
Lispet Sarah
Livingstone Kat
Loh Zhi Qi Amelia
Lu Jiana
Lyu Xiaolin
Ma Shuyang
Mackney Rebecca
Makar Keya
Mangan Rory
Manton Dominic
Martyn Mikaela
Matheson Elise
McDermott James
Miller Odette
Muirhead Emily
Nayler Aaron
Noble-Dickinson Lucy
Ogden Laura
O'Hara Nicholas
Owens Joseph
Park Se Youn
Parker Keegan
Parsons Angel
Pawlaczyk Hamish
Pease Eleanor
Perkins Sarah
Peters Dylan
Phillips Claire
Pingol Savannah
Pon Jacqueline
Rangiah Lillian
Rizzalli Christian
Roberts Nia
Robinson Natalie
Roetman Sara
Roney Julian
Rosbrook Catherine
Ruan Yaoyao
Rykers Lucy
Sanders-Wall Cara
Schmidt Zoe
Schuster Elise
Scott Derek
Shield Madeleine
Short Wendy
Sigley Sarah
Singh Sonia
Sisley Kate
Skinner Erin
Smith Tahlia
Spiers Susan
Sterling Oliver
Stirling Katherine
Styles Scarlet
Summit Katherine
Tatzenko Kristen
Templar Amy
Tudehope Grace
Turner Jarred
von Pogany Eliza
Whitlock Stacey
Williams Saleem
Yerbury Zara