Yeoni Baek

When I decided the field of study I wanted to do, which is Media & Digital Cultures, I found out that UQ has one of the best curriculum in this area. That intrigued me to enrol in UQ.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?
When I decided the field of study I wanted to do, which is Media & Digital Cultures, I found out that UQ has one of the best curriculum in this area. That intrigued me to enrol in UQ. In addition, it is needless to mention its great faculty. Then I was once again attracted by its beautiful campus.

What is the best thing about studying at UQ?
The best thing about The University of Queensland is the tutorial class. It may be usual way of teaching in Australia, but it is not common thing in Korea. Before coming to The University of Queensland, I completed two years of study in Korea, Busan University of Foreign Studies.

What is special or unique about your program?
UQ has a partnership with Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) and I came to UQ through BUFS's program called 2+2. Basically if I have done two years of study in each universities, I can get diplomas from both universities. During the two years of the study in BUFS I am fulfilling all credits for electives, which means before I come to UQ, I can explore through different subjects and figure out what I want to study here. That is how I decided on my two majors for Bachelor of Arts degree in UQ.

What will you do after you graduate?
My goal is to get a graduate visa and work in Australia for few years after graduation. I would like to work in a media industry, because how media plays huge role in our society and how its influence is becoming bigger and bigger everyday fascinates me. My final goal is to work in cultural business where I can introduce artists from different country to foreign countries.

What advice would you give to international students who are considering studying at UQ?
Realistically, I feel most international student has financial concerns before they come to UQ, at least I was. I  did not want to burden my parents too much. However, it is all about the time-management. I am working about 40 hours a fortnight and I am making enough to pay my rent and to cover daily expenses.

Secondly, a lot of my friends told me they were or still are overwhelmed by the fact that studying and doing assessments in their second language. However, UQ provides lecture recordings which you can go back and hear the lecture again if there is any part that you could not understand or missed during the lecture. In addition, faculty and tutors are always welcoming you when you are having trouble. Therefore, when you are having a hard time find someone to talk to and find some other work shops such as research paper writing workshop! Then you will be fine.

What challenges have you came across in your study? How did you overcome them?
Personally, at first, I was having a hard time keeping up with all the reading materials, especially for my Art History courses. I was unfamiliar with the terminologies and all the techniques the reading talks about. So I kept asking my tutors even after the tutorial and asked questions to the class about the part where I had trouble comprehend in the reading. I think talking, asking questions and listening to what others talk about really helped me to gain basic knowledge I need to comprehend Art History readings. If I tried to do it all by myself, I would have already failed every classes and would have changed my second major. I still suffer with the Art History, but the amount of stuff I comprehend in the reading is increasing as I go. I am overcoming it.

Why did you choose to study in Brisbane?
Because it is where UQ is located! :) But Brisbane is great city to live in, the river is always pretty and relatively cheaper living expenses compared to other big cities in Australia.


Bachelor of Arts (Media and Digital Cultures/ Art History)