Hemant Vijay Odhrani

I have learnt practical skills that will help in the real world. Highly knowledgeable professors make the learning process easy to understand.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?
My reason for choosing UQ is due to being a higher-ranking University; another thing is I have previously gained my Bachelor's degree from an Australian University, so would be good to get my Master’s Degree from an Australian University. Also, UQ is based in a beautiful city, Brisbane. Brisbane has fantastic weather, and the Beauty is just incredible, so UQ was the best choice for me to study at.

What are the best things about your program at UQ? Is there anything that you think is special or unique about the program that you are enrolled in?
The best things about the program are going to be the professors. Every professor has so much knowledge to share is incredible. They make it easy for us students to understand every unit. As I had entered the course, I never expected to be doing so much of practical work like the use of the camera, video editing, photoshop, etc. which was an excellent experience to have and made an enjoyable environment to learn.

Is there a practical, hands-on aspect to your program? If so, did it enhance your learning experience? How?
I did an internship due to a Unit I chose called Practicum which allowed me to do an internship in a company was a tremendous opportunity for me to use the knowledge I have gained from the course to use in my internship. Also for a unit called Participatory Media Production, I had to take video and edit them for an organization which was an excellent hands-on experience.

Did you complete any previous study in order to attend UQ? Were you awarded a scholarship to study at UQ?
I have done my Bachelors in Public Relations and Marketing from Murdoch University. No, I did not receive a scholarship sadly.

What are your future career goals? Do you think that your studies/degree will help you get a job? How?
In the future, I would like to work in an organization where my primary job is to handle social media due to social media becoming a massive part of every business. Through the knowledge gained from this course, the organization will be getting a student with excellent communication skills which will help the company to interact with the public effectively through social media.

Are there any courses that you’re finding particularly useful?
The course I took as an elective called Practicum was beneficial as it helped to get an internship and have real-world experience. I did a course called Social Media which gave me A TO Z knowledge of how social media works for business and how to use each social media channel carefully and effectively.

Are there any services/facilities at UQ that you have found to be particularly useful? 
Personal experience, I have used the employment center which has been useful as they helped me to make a good CV as well as helped me make a good cover letter for jobs in the future. Also gave me tips on what would be the best first step when it comes to the kind of posts I choose to do in the future.

What advice would you give international students who are considering studying your program at UQ?
UQ will provide you everything that you need to gain the knowledge required for the real world. Other then studies, the university itself has so much to do like joining different clubs, or any sports activities like swimming, etc. You will get to meet talented people from different places from Professors also students. Due to UQ having a diverse culture it just becomes natural to settle in and not to feel that you too far away from home.  The other best thing about studying at UQ is that UQ campus is based in a lovely city called Brisbane which has fantastic weather and environment which will surely attract you and you would never want to leave.

What have you discovered, either personally or academically through your studies at UQ?
UQ never made me feel homesick as I made friends who became family, my classmates were friendly and had a good time learning at UQ. UQ experience will be greatly missed. Also, the professors have been a huge helping hand from every step of the way. The professors are willing to answer any questions you might have about your future careers or studies. In full honesty, never knew I could find such amazing professors at a University until I came to UQ.

How would you describe your UQ study experience?
A very fun learning environment which does not make to boring for you. Practical things that will be learned to help in the real world. Highly knowledgeable professors that make the learning process easy to understand. Friends that you will make that you will remember forever. A city like Brisbane where you would want to keep coming back to. An experience that is unforgettable. 

What motivated you to apply for your program?
My aim for the future is to work either in a PR Firm or an organization where I could use social media for business or other clients. Doing Masters of Communication was the best fit for achieving that aim. And the other good thing is that UQ is a high ranked and a reputable university which itself is a motivation to apply for the program at a well-known university.



Master of Communication (Public Relations and Professional Communication)