Ji Feng

The BA offers a variety of courses and gives students the opportunity of exploring different areas and lets you focus on specific areas you are interested in.

What factors influenced your decision to study at UQ?
I firstly knew UQ from the student recruitment seminar of the 2+2 Degree Program at East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST). The information about the institution and programs were introduced in detail. And I was attracted by its fantastic array of majors and the beautiful campus as well, which could give me an excellent experience in getting a better education and a more diverse learning experience.

What were some of the best things about studying at UQ?
I think the best thing about studying at UQ is that it provides me an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. The diversity of students on their academic background as well as the cultural background helps me open up my mind, and I find it super interesting to hear and understand distinct perspectives in class.

Are there any services/facilities at UQ that you find to be particularly useful? i.e. Accommodation Services, Student Centres, Student Services, etc.
I pretty enjoy studying in UQ’s library, especially in the quiet zones where I can keep concentrate on my work with minimum distraction. Also, the AskUs groups in the library help me a lot when I run into technical problems. This help and information service offers great help both online and offline in terms of some common problems such as referencing, borrowing academic books, and getting access to my Blackboard.

What do you like about the program that you are enrolled in? Is there anything that you find particularly interesting?
I believe selecting the 2+2 Dual Degree Program is a great choice for students like me. It provides a valuable experience of two different educational environments in China and Australis, which is beneficial for me to step out of the comfort zone and attain the ability of adaptation. Moreover, the study in both UQ and ECUST expand my choices of future career by studying more majors that I am interested in. By undertaking the study in UQ of Sociology and Media and Digital Cultures, I enjoy the practical use of theories and knowledge that we learned from classes to the real case in our daily life. In this process, I find it especially interesting to challenge our shaped ideas and understand the world from different perspectives.

What are you hoping to do once you graduate?
I have planned to continue my study for a master’s degree. My study in UQ facilitates me to have a clearer understanding of my academic interests. The BA offers various courses of a major to give students the opportunities of getting in touch with different fields of research in relation to the major, for example, using sociological understanding to explore different fields including family structure, health issue, and environment, which gives us a more specific insight of which area we specifically have interest in.

What advice do you have for future students about preparing for their time at UQ?
I advise future students to keep an open attitude during their time at UQ. Be willing to embrace different ideas without judgement, and it will bring up a more diverse communication environment and can help to broaden the horizon.

What you will take with you from your time here?
My UQ study experience empowers me with knowledge and leads me to have a clear perception of my future path. By undertaking my program, I am equipped with the great ability to learn efficiently and adapt to a new environment quickly. And the life in UQ not only gives me a distinct academic perspective to understand the world but also provides abundant social activities to help me become involved in the new environment.


Bachelor of Arts (Sociology, Media and Digital Cultures)