Your Top 3 Quetions about Support & Success!

Got questions about succeeding and getting support at Uni?  We got you!

1. Studying

1. What’s the best way to start a study group?

Get to know people in your tutorials and classes and shout out.  Program and degree specific social media (FB, etc) may be other good places to find people.


2. What tips do you have for getting good grades beyond just studying hard?

In no particular order:

  • Love what you are studying – for real!
  • Go to classes & tutorials – you’d think this is common sense… but it’s amazing how often it’s not.
  • Get to know your lecturers & tutors -- build a relationship, ask questions, show interest.  I will pay off, we promise.
  • ASK questions – it’s the simplest thing but somehow we feel like we can’t in lectures – where most lecturers would LOVE people to ask questions.
  • Know how your degree works – sit in the driver’s seat of your education and know what options are available to you.
  • Spend time on campus.  No, really, there’s a lot of research suggesting that students who integrate different parts of their lives into their life on campus (learning, friends, clubs/activities, sport, fitness, hobbies, even work) tend to do better.  Plus it’s fun!
  • Experiment with different styles of study to find out what kind of learner you are
  • Ask for help if you need it, as early as possible!

Fun Fact:  Research in North America indicates that the most employable graduates aren’t necessarily those with the highest grades, but rather those that sit just below them – the students who COULD have had the best grades if they weren’t too busy doing other things like getting involved and building additional employable life experiences.  Kudos to those who can do both!


3. How many hours should you spend studying on each course?

As a general rule, multiply your weekly contact hours for a given course by about two.  So if you have a 2 hour lecture and a 2 hour tute each week (4 contact hours) you should be spending about 7-10 hours outside of that on study.  Yup… study is kinda your full-time job!

2. Wellbeing & Time Management

1. What are your best tips for time management/getting organised?

Myuq has a great resources on this one, so we’ll leave it to them!


2. Where do we go for assistance if we’re struggling with physical or mental health or just adjustment to Uni life?

Again, Myuq is your best portal to get started here.

3. Technology

1. What are the best sources of information that will be relevant to my life at Uni?

We just happen to have a whole TOP 3 about exactly this!

Pro Tip:  Forward your student email address to whatever your preferred personal email address is so you don’t miss out on important things (like invitations for interviews, changes of class locations, deadline or assessment shifts, etc).


2. What are the best apps for Uni students to download?

Aside from the ones you already likely have – Instagram, messenger, facebook, whatesapp, etc., here are a few great recommendations:

UQnav – great for finding your way around our campuses

My OSHC – a great one for international students – OSHC is your medical insurance and the app lets you find the nearest bulk-billed doctors and gives you info you need on different types of specialists, etc.

UNiDAYS – great app that offers discounts to all full-time students across Brisi – gives discounts on almost every student-related purchase you can think of.

Podcast apps – a lot of students find it great to find lectures and talks on various academic disciplines for bus, train and city-cat rides.