We recognise that students can sometimes find themselves unable to complete a standard major, extended major, minor or program for a variety of reasons and the Associate Dean, Academic will, on a case by case basis, consider a request for a variation to a major/program.

Guidelines for applying

Variations to a major or program are considered only in exceptional circumstances when the required study sequence cannot be followed. You must plan your enrolment in accordance with the program structure (including majors, minors, and extended majors). Unless extenuating circumstances* can be clearly demonstrated, variations to a major or program will not be approved for:
  • Compulsory courses; or
  • Undertaking another course in lieu of a previously failed compulsory course.

* Any application made on extenuating circumstances must be submitted with additional supporting documentation.

Variations to a major or program must be approved by the Associate Dean, Academic, on the recommendation of the Major or Program Convenor . Approval must be obtained prior to enrolling in the substitute course.

Students in some postgraduate coursework programs do not require a approval from the Associate Dean (Academic) for a program variation where the approval is at the discretion of the Program Convenor (e.g. the course list states 'or other courses approved by the Program Convenor').  In this situation, students can email their Program Convenor directly to request the variation.  

It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with University policies and procedures relevant to your enrolment and studies and observe the policies, procedures and guidelines of the University. Read The Student Charter, and within the Charter note section 2.1.

How to request a variation to a major or program

Requests for a variation to a major or program are made using the request form. Download the form, complete the student section, and email the form as an attachment to the relevant Major Convenor or Program Director. The Major or Program Convenor  will then make a recommendation to the Associate Dean (Academic) of the Faculty. The Associate Dean (Academic) is the approving authority in the Faculty for all requests for variations to majors or programs.