Young people, education and communities working together

About this project

The Young people, education and communities working together project is concerned with how education institutions work with community stakeholders and young people to contribute to the development of a more inclusive and cohesive society.

Academics with interests in education, social work, community development, psychology, youth substance abuse, sociology, cyber safety and social media, have come together from across The University of Queensland, with support from the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, to work on this project.

We recognise that in order for education institutions to make a positive difference to the communities in which they operate, they must work and collaborate with these communities – and the young people in them. 

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Schools working with communities

The "Schools working with communities" program has a specific focus on schools’ engagement with young people and their communities. Research studies in this area will work with large data sets, e.g. LSAY and Census, as well as more ethnographic and case study work, to explore schools’ engagement with their local community.

Communities engaging with schools

The "Communities engaging with schools" program will focus on projects that explore major initiatives within local communities - facilitating connections with education systems, networks of schools, individual schools and the growing ‘alternative’ school sector - considering how schools can be a hub for supporting marginalised young people’s ‘non-education’ needs, including legal aid, crisis accommodation, domestic violence support, transport, mental health services.

Research Team

The researchers in this project all have extensive international connections and will draw on the expertise of overseas collaborators to enhance the capacity of these projects. If you are keen to discuss this project please contact Professor Martin Mills.

The research profiles of the Young people, education and communities working together team are: