Course changes in 2021

As part of UQ's Student Strategy, we have been reviewing HASS programs, plans (minors, majors, extended majors) and courses to ensure ongoing delivery of quality programs.   

As part of this review we wish to advise you of some BA courses that are being offered for the final time in semester 2.  These discontinued courses and their relevant plans are listed below, along with new courses offered for the first time in 2021.

Please be assured that the changes we are making to some of our course offerings will not affect your ability to complete your declared plans, as alternative courses will be available in 2021.  Some of the courses being offered for the last time in semester 2 2020 will be offered in 2021 at a different level (eg. as a 3000-level course rather than as a 2000-level course) and some will be combined with another course into a new course offering.

What you need to do:

  • If you would like to complete any of the courses listed in the second table below in their current format, and you have room to enrol in them as part of your schedule for semester 2, please feel free to do so.
  • If you have already taken, or do not wish to undertake any of the courses listed in the second table below in semester 2, no action is required.

 Replacing discontinued courses

New BA courses offered from 2021

Course Code Course Title Plans in which this course is listed
ABTS2030 Exploring Indigenous Art, Film, Music and Literature Through Iconic Works Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
ABTS3040 Emerging Critical Indigenous Methodologies Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
ABTS3080 Independent project in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander studies Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
ANCH2301 Ancient Art and Architecture

Ancient History

Art History

ANCH2320 The Roman Republic Ancient History
ANCH3540 Special Topic in Ancient History 1 Ancient History
ANCH3550 Special Topic in Ancient History 2 Ancient History
ANCH3560 Special Topic in Ancient Cultures Ancient History
ARTT2010 Renaissance and Baroque Art Art History
ARTT3105 Art in a Global World Art History
ARTT3140 Photography from the Daguerrotype to Instagram Art History
AUST2200 Australian Indigenous Studies Field School

Art History

Australian Studies

CHIN3000 Spoken Chinese IIA Chinese
ECON2101 Cost-Benefit Analysis Economics
ECON3460 Ethics in Economics Economics
ENGL2080 World Literature


English Literature


ENGL2630 Postmodern Literature English Literature
ENGL3900 The Birth of the Modern: Literature and Thought from 1850 to 1960 English Literature
FREN2112 French Language and Culture 1: Post-Secondary French Advanced*
FREN3355 Literary and Cultural Debates in French French Advanced*
GREK3000 Greek Language and Literature 2 Ancient Greek*
HIST2040 The Modern History of East Asia History
HIST2220 The Middle Ages History
HIST3005 War and Society in the Twentieth Century History
HIST3300 The World Since 1945 History
JAPN3010 Continuing Japanese 1A Japanese
JOUR3100 Social Justice Storytelling Journalism and Mass Communication
KORN3005 Spoken Korean IIA Korean
KORN3006 Written Korean IIA Korean
LATN3000 Latin Language and Literature 2 Latin*
LING3065 Pragmatics Linguistics
LING3090 Language Evolution Linguistics
LTCS2028 Understanding Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture Japanese
MUSC3780 Teaching Music Music
PHIL3003* Philosophy of Mind and Language Philosophy
POLS3104* Democratic Politics: From Parties to Protest Political Science
POLS3222* Humanitarianism and Power in World Politics

International Relations

Peace and Conflict Studies

RELN1115 Religion and Science Studies in Religion
RELN3002 Belief and Unbelief Studies in Religion
RELN3003 The Idea of the Sacred: Texts, Places and the Sociology of Experience Studies in Religion
SOCY1070 Inequality, Society and the Self Sociology
SOCY2050 Sex, gender and social relationships Sociology
WRIT3550* Culture, Identity and Power in the Ancient World  Ancient History

*subject to final approval


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