From accepting your offer -- TO -- Your first days at UQ

Congratulations!  Not only are you now a UQ student - but you're in HASS (our local shorthand for "The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences" ... cause... wowza, that's a mouthful!)

So where do you start?!?  Here are some pro tips on the Top Three most important things to do after accepting your offer to study with us at UQ!

1. Attend Your HASS Orientation Events

Welcome to HASS!  Block out Monday 17th February and register for (and attend!) compulsory HASS Orientation Day events.

You’ll be welcomed by current students and staff throughout the day with program and major information sessions, massive BBQ lunch with free food, drinks, and live music, and a jam-packed expo and networking events.  Create long lasting friendships with people studying your degree and get the best start to your HASS Life.

  1. Right Now: Block out Monday 17th February and register for compulsory HASS Faculty Orientation Day Events


Postgraduate Coursework

HASS International Students - Additional Getting Started Sessions

Monday 17 February:

Getting Started:  9:00am-10am, UQ Centre 220 (Check-in from 8:15am)

Safety in Australia: 2-3pm, UQ Centre 220

Getting Started: 2-3pm, Steele (3)-206 (If you are unable to attend morning session)

Don’t forget to check out the Orientation website to see what other events and activities are on offer throughout O-Week!


2. Get Started

Getting started at UQ has never been easier!  Check out the below links to get on track with your enrolment, class allocation, and helpful info on your degree program.

  1. Starting at UQ

Starting uni can feel like trekking into the unknown, but there’s no need to worry. By planning your studies and completing every step of the Starting at UQ website, you can be confident about the semester ahead.

  1. HASS Program Advice

Got questions about your HASS program? Check out the HASS Program advice page to help you find answers about your programs and courses of study.  Each program can be found on the side pannel and there are some handy slides and videos to help you get orientated!

  1. Enrolment Basics (Class Allocation and My Timetable)

Once you have accepted your offer to study your program in HASS you can then enrol into courses and complete your timetable for the coming semester.  Check out the Enrolment Basics page to go step-by-step through the process.




3. Get Connected with HASS

Now is the time to get connected with HASS!

Stay up-to-date with HASS Faculty events, opportunities, and news through the following socials:

  1. Website: HASS New Students (oh, you are!  Have a look around, lots of cool stuff here!)
  2. Facebook: HASS Life (our notice board for events, opportunities and important reminders)
  3. Instagram: uqhasslife (where our community lives and expresses itself)