Let's chat about ChatGPT

31 January 2023

If you’ve ever used Gmail’s Smart Compose email feature, Grammarly’s ‘writing assistant’, or even sent a text message using predictive text, then you’ve already written with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Using AI for writing isn’t a new concept – it’s been growing in popularity for years – but OpenAI’s free research release of ChatGPT late last year has rocked the writing world, making headlines for its ability to generate human-like text and complete briefs instantly, using a simple ‘question-in, answer-out’ interface.

So it’s natural for copywriters, and the clients who seek them out, to wonder what this mean for the future? Will AI, like ChatGPT, replace the drudge work for writers and free up brain space and time for refining ideas and execution? Or will it replace the need for human writers entirely?

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