Cohort Connections

Applications are open for Semester 2 2020!

Consultation with students in regards to the impact of and response to COVID 19 has highlighted the increasing importance of providing activities for students to connect with their peers and teachers socially, academically and professionally to improve student wellbeing and experience. 

In Semester 2, 2020 we want to make it as easy as possible for staff and student clubs to provide activities to their cohorts in a safe environment that adheres to government and UQ health and safety policies. 

What we offer

We can offer support for extra-curricular social, employability and student voice activities for groups of up to 50 people (subject to social distancing and space requirements). We can:

  • Provide COVID safe catering e.g. individually wrapped sandwiches or pizza.
  • Assistance with on-campus room bookings.
  • Book an outdoor activity space on the Forgan Smith lawn with capacity of up to 50 people, equipped with seating options.
  • Arrange for UQ Safety Stewards to be available to encourage and promote socially distanced and safe events for larger groups.
  • Promote the activity on HASS social media channels.
  • Provide introductions to HASS alumni and professionals.
  • Offer professional development and career workshops specifically for your cohort.
  • Organise two student volunteers to assist with the organisation of the activity e.g. collecting student registrations, taking photos, setting and packing up the activity.
  • Provide $10 UQ Union vouchers to students that provide feedback about their experience to you.
  • Provide financial sponsorship for student clubs to offer cohort activities to their peers.

Examples of cohort activities

  • Social: Host a picnic to welcome students to a particular course or student club.
  • Employability: Host an industry panel and/or networking event.
  • Student Voice: Collect feedback from students about a certain course or topic.

Apply Here                   COVID Event Resources

Submit your report

After your activity you will need to complete a brief report about the outcomes. 

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Previous Initiatives

Below are some examples of activities we have supported in 2019.

            SoFA Exhibition                                                Conservation, Crime & Careers                                   International Studies Careers Evening