Clubs and Societies

We are keen to work in partnership with HASS student clubs and societies with the key aim to provide support for initiatives that enhance HASS students’ employability skills and career prospects.

What we offer

  • Financial sponsorship
  • Connections with UQ staff, alumni and industry
  • Promotion of your initiatives to increase attendance and participation of students and staff
  • Co-organisation of events e.g. logistics and room bookings

Apply for funding

If you have an event or activity with a similar objective, we’d like to see how we could provide financial or in-kind support for your initiative.

We are offering up to $500 in funding to HASS related clubs and societies. You are eligible to receive funding for two initiatives; one per semester.

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Have any questions or ideas? You can contact Jackie Fuller via: to chat about your initiative. 

Submit your report

After your event/activity we will ask you to complete a brief report about the initiative. 

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Please check out the past events from 2018 and don't forget to keep an eye out for events in 2019.

Journalism and Communication Students (JACS) Professional Networking Evening

Wednesday 9 May, 2018

JACS PNE is a bi-annual networking event that offers students the opportunity to mingle with professionals from a range of media and communications fields. In addition, key UQ staff and alumni are invited to attend.  The event started with presentations from a panel of industry professionals, moderated by a senior member of the JACS executive, followed by a Q&A from the audience. The panel offered insights to students on the diverse range of careers in the field and how to best prepare themselves in the context of a changing media and communications landscape. The panel was followed by a speed-networking session – where industry and students are encouraged to make connections in a more personal setting.

Students gained valuable insights into the journalism, communications and media industries, particularly regarding the challenges in beginning careers. We discussed ways to overcome these challenges and key attributes professionals look for when hiring graduates and choosing interns. Many students made meaningful connections with professionals and came away with contact details for future meetings and opportunities for both paid work and unpaid work-experience.

Classics and Ancient History Student Seminar

Tuesday 24 April, 2018

The Student Seminar provided an opportunity for two Classics and Ancient History students to present a 20-minute paper on a topic of their choice to an audience of academics and fellow students. The students who presented gained valuable public speaking experience, preparing them for future speaking engagements at academic conferences and the like. They also gained experience in communicating their academic research to an audience of mixed ages and academic experience.

Students in the audience gained an insight into how academic seminars function and were invited to engage in material not covered in courses. Furthermore, students learned valuable communication skills, as they were invited to speak and interact with lecturers and an alumni representative.