Networking evening

HASS Human Library | Thursday 7 March | 5:00 - 6:30pm | Global Change Institute

What is a Human Library? Industry professionals have volunteered to join us as "human books" for the evening, ready for you to "checked them out" so that they can share their professional experiences, perspectives, and help you navigate the university-to-work transition.

The evening will commence with small group conversations centred around the "Human Library" and mutual interest topics followed by informal networking.

Meet our industry professionals!

Andrea Kanaris, Principal Social Assessment and Performance, HatchAndrea Kanaris
Andrea has a Bachelor Social Science (Community and International Development) and a Graduate Diploma in Social Planning and Development. Chat to Andrea about Career transition, Soft skills development, Professional branding, and Goal setting.
Bek DraytonOwner and Managing Director, BeKonstructive MarketingBek Drayton
Bek has a Bachelor of Communications (Mass Media) and Masters of Business (Marketing). Chat to Bek about Leadership skills, Entrepreneurship, Industry-specific advice, and Professional branding.
Camille Brandon, Communications Coordinator, The University of Queensland Camille Brandon
Camille has a Bachelors of Arts (Sociology & History) / Journalism and a Graduate Certificate in Communication (Strategic Communication). Chat to Camille about Interview preparation, Company culture, Mentorship, and Industry-specific advice.
Despina Kalatzis, Quality Control Analyst, Bank of Queensland Despina Kalatzis
Despina has a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature & Writing) and Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing. Chat to Despina about Resume/CV building, Interview preparation, Effective communication, and Soft skills development.


Elizabeth Ward, Assistant Head of Humanities, Brisbane Boys CollegeElizabeth Ward
Elizabeth has a Bachelors of Arts / Education (Secondary). Chat to Elizabeth about Networking, Interview preparation, Professional development, and Leadership skills.


Fiona Wiebusch, Co-Founder, The Queensland Institute (Education Consultancy) Fiona Wiebusch
Fiona has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary ESL), Post Graduate Diploma (Educational Psychology), Master of Applied Linguistics (TESOL) and a PhD (Linguistics). Chat to Fiona about Entrepreneurship, Global perspectivesProfessional branding, and Living & working overseas.


Gerard Marsh, Retired Primary School Teacher, Principal and Assistant Principal Gerard Marsh
Gerard has a Bachelor of Business, Graduate Diploma in Teaching, and a Masters of Educational Leadership. Chat to Gerard about Interview preparation, Leadership skills, Conflict resolution, and Behaviour management (teaching).


Hannah Twiggs,  National Internal Communications Advisor, St Vincent's Health Australia Hannah Twiggs
Hannah has a Bachelors of Communications (Public Relations) / Journalism. Chat to Hannah about Resume/CV building, Interview preparation, Work-life balance, and Effective communication.


Irene Hui, Principal International Manager (Faculty of Medicine), The University of QueenslandIrene Hui
Irene has a Bachelor of Arts (English Studies, Translation) and Master of Science (Applied Linguistics). Chat to Irene about Networking, Professional development, Global perspectives and Professional branding.


Jaclyn Fellows, Manager, Workforce Attraction and Engagement Jaclyn Fellows
Jaclyn has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and is undertaking postgraduate study in Mental Health and Neuroscience. Chat to Jaclyn about Career transition, Work-life balance, Effective communication, and Leadership skills.


Jenny Nguyen, Solutions Engineer, Absorb Software Jenny Nguyen
Jenny has a Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (History). Chat to Jenny about Interview preparation, Soft skills developmentPublic speaking, and Professional branding.
Joanne Kalaja, Senior Policy Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet (Queensland) Joanne Kalaja
Joanne has a Bachelors of Arts (Political Science) / Social Science (Public and Social Policy). Chat to Joanne about Interview preparation, Work-life balance, Company culture, and Industry-specific advice.
Kartini Oei, Aviation Business Development Lead, BP AustraliaKartini Oei
Kartini has a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management, and a Masters of International Relations. Chat to Kartini about Career transition, Networking, Work-life balance, and Company culture.
Kate Osborne, Founder and Director, KOKO Matrix Kate Osborne
Kate has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). Talk to Kate about Networking, Work-life balance, Public speaking, and Goal setting
Lester FordState President, Modern Language Teachers' Association of QLD (MLTAQ) Lester Ford
Lester has a Bachelor of Arts Hons (French & History), Graduate Diploma of Education, and a Master in Educational Administration. Chat to Lester about Career transition, Networking, Professional development, and Teaching languages in primary and secondary schools
Rishi Wijesoma, Government Policy Leader, Brisbane Airport CorporationRishi Wijesoma
Rishi has a Bachelors of Arts (Governance and Public Policy)/Law. Chat to Rishi about Professional development, Leadership skills, Industry-specific advice, and Goal setting.
Sarah Evans, Project Manager, University of Queensland Sarah Evans
Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature/Music), and a Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Studies. Chat to Sarah about Career transitionJob search strategiesCompany culture,  and Time management
Shannon Ryan,  QIMR Berghofer, Digital Content Creator 
Shannon has a Bachelor of Arts (Literature, Spanish, & Philosophy). Chat to Shannon about Career transition, Effective communication, Mentorship, and Industry-specific advice.
Tyson Etri, Provisional Psychologist, Australian Defence Force - Army Tyson Etri
Tyson has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Extended Major in Psychology. Chat to Tyson about Career transitionEffective communicationIndustry-specific advice, and Mental health & burnout
Yvonne Oberhollenzer, Manager, Student Experience, UQ Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Yvonne has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (International Relations) and a Master of Educational Leadership. Chat to Yvonne about Career transitionResume/CV buildingGlobal perspectives and Project management.

About HASS Career Seminar Series

The HASS Career Seminar Series invites HASS industry and alumni to participate in online panel discussions where students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how the panel used their HASS degrees and skills to help them transition into careers after graduation.

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