Join our industry panel of to discuss pathways available to students who study anthropology.  

Our panel includes: 

  • Caitlin Treacy: an honours student and Graduate Social Planner at EMM Consulting Pty Limited working on social impact assessments; 
  • Michael Lucas: from the Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation; 
  • Chris Hayward: Design Anthropologist who works for an architecture firm; 
  • Dr Martin Espig: Social Scientist with New Zealand based AgResearch; 

During the session our panel will discuss topics including: 

  • what pathway they took from university to their current job; 
  • what are some of the pathways open to anthropology students, especially in a COVID-19 affected world; 
  • what are their predictions for the future of anthropology related jobs; 
  • what are some of the transferable skills they learnt during their degree, that they have used throughout their career; and 
  • how to identify jobs that would be interesting to anthropology students, even when the jobs are not listed as Anthropologists

This event will be held via zoom, the link will be sent the day of the event. 


Zoom - link to be sent on day of event