During this webinar we will discuss some of the career pathways for language students with alumni of UQ's language programs.

Our panel will inlcude: 

  • Andrew Dahms: Bachelor of  Arts (Japanese); Principal Program Manager – Enablement, Red Hat
  • Tahlia Smith: Bachelor of International Studies (International Relations, French), Diploma in Languages (Spanish); Executive Assistant to the Ambassador of Ecuador
  • Brooke Szucs: Bachelor of Arts (Major: Japanese,  Minors: French and German); English Teacher, Tokushima Daiichi English Village

Some of the areas likely to be covered in this session are

  • What are some of the careers open to language students? 
  • What are some of the key skills that language study gives you, and how should you articulate those to employers?  
  • Apart from translating or interpreting, what are some of the other careers open to language students, and how do you find them? 
  • Are there any specific experiences language students should focus on beyond their degree to help their employability? 
  • Should language students study postgraduate qualifications to further their career? 

This event will be held via Zoom, the link will be sent on the day of the event.

About HASS Career Seminar Series

The HASS Career Seminar Series invites HASS industry and alumni to participate in online panel discussions where students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how the panel used their HASS degrees and skills to help them transition into careers after graduation.

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Zoom - link to be sent on day of event