Beyond being a showcase of your activities externally to the wider world, UQ Researchers is a tool used by the Faculty (and other areas within UQ) to identify researchers for potential opportunities, such as: funding bids, profiling for publications, collaborating internally or externally, identifying research interests and strengths, and HDR student enquiries. UQ Researchers is also one of the first sites to be listed when doing a researcher name search in Google or using other search engines. We rarely use local area staff websites, as they are often out of date and the search functionality is not as useful as UQ Researchers.

This checklist will help you work through the most important aspects of updating UQ Researchers, breaking it down into manageable chunks. Pin it to your wall and work through over summer! If you have questions please contact the HASS FRO at

Most of these tasks can be fulfilled in UQ Researchers (click for link to portal) but those marked with a star must be done in UQ eSpace, which feeds information to UQ Researchers.

Any current academic staff members with a continuing or fixed-term appointment of more than 12 months automatically will have a profile on UQ Researchers 4 months after commencing employment at UQ. If you do not currently have a UQ Researchers profile due to being new, or currently an unpaid academic staff member (e.g., adjunct, honorary; with an appointment of more than 12 months), please refer to this guide to activate your profile on UQ Researchers.


PDF Checklist



Add a Profile Photo

2 mins

Write an up-to-date Overview (see examples here and here)

20 mins

Write a paragraph for Research Impact (see examples here and here)

10 mins

List your Research Interests via the Biography & Links menu item (see examples here and here)

10 mins

List HDR Available Projects (see examples here and here)

5 mins

Mark some featured publications (this function is available via the Publications menu item: “featured” is the second last column)

2 mins

Fill out your Expert for Media keywords (think about the kind of things you’d be comfortable being interviewed about)

10 mins

*Check that your eSpace is up to date via this link

2 mins

*Add publications to eSpace via this link

10 mins

*Add details to NTRO records (if you need to do this the “NTRO data required” banner will appear at the top of your eSpace record)

20 mins per NTRO

*Link your ORCID to eSpace via your eSpace dashboard

2 mins

No ORCID? Register for one here.

15 mins

Assign UQ Researchers tasks to somebody else e.g. a research assistant. Choose the Agents menu item, fill in their UQ username (e.g. uqfbaggi) and click the plus symbol.

2 mins