Digital platforms are rapidly transforming traditional media, reframing interpersonal mediated communication, and changing the rules of the game for everything from retail to politics, religion to regulation, and evaluation to advertising. How do these platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, and eBay, revolutionise our interactions and filter our daily routines through technology? This theme interrogates urgent social, political, and economic issues raised by platforms, and their potential implications.

Understanding user-platform interactions and algorithmic impact
Dr. Cedric Courtois (Communication and Arts), is the Chief Investigator of this project that looks at user-algorithm nexus in Google Search, applied to politics and health information. The project is titled 'Development and implementation of a novel research methodology on Google Search' and is supported by Research Council Flanders (Belgium).

Working Group
The Platform Societies working group meets in the School of Communication and Arts. Contact ( to join the group. 

From 2018 to 2020, the School of Communication and Arts led the Platform Media strategic research initiative. The initiative explored the centrality of digital platforms to media industries, cultures, and public life. View videos of talks held as part of the initiative here.