The Faculty offers two different types of Diploma programs: A concurrent diploma that can be added to your primary bachelor degree program; and the graduate entry Diploma of Arts.

Concurrent diplomas

The Diploma in Languages is open to all UQ undergraduate students and can be undertaken alongside your bachelor degree, giving you the unique opportunity to add another dimension to your UQ experience.

Study pattern

You can opt to undertake the Diploma over an accelerated period, or spread the load across the duration of your bachelor degree. All Diplomas comprise 16 units of study and are available to pick up either in Semester 1 or 2.

How to enrol

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate degree at UQ, and meet the specific entry requirements for your chosen Diploma, you can apply now through mySI-net.

  • Log in to mySI-net

  • Select Programs in the left-hand side drop down menu
  • Select Undergraduate Diploma Request from the menu options
  • Complete the request form

Diploma of Arts

The Diploma of Arts is a graduate-entry only, Commonwealth-supported program available to graduates of a Bachelor program in any field of study. Students enrolling in the Diploma are required to complete one major or two minors. Upon completion and subject to satisfactory performance and entry requirements, this program may enable students eligibility for entry into Honours, to postgraduate coursework and, via Honours, entry to research postgraduate study.

You must apply through QTAC for admission to the Diploma of Arts. 

Go to your specific program advice for the Diploma of Arts (Graduate-Entry).