Teaching and Learning Resources for Staff

Stay up to date with the most recent teaching and learning resources, events and news from both HASS and ITaLI. 


      There are a wide range of resources, support options and events available to teaching staff at UQ. Many of these are designed and managed by the Institute of Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI).

      Resources include:

      • Teaching guidance such as getting ready to teach, assessment guidance, teaching practices, learning spaces and modes, principles of learning and curriculum design and review;
      • Digital learning such as eLearning tools and guides, digital learning design and devlopment, learning analytics and digital learning pilots;
      • Advancing teaching through teacher career development, awards, fellowships and grants, evaluation of teaching, higher education research and initiatives.

      We also have a number of HASS specific resources created and updated by our HASS Learning Designers, and teaching staff. These can be found on the HASS Online 2020 Blackboard organisation site. To access these resources, follow these steps:

      1. Open Learn UQ
      2. Scroll down and type 'HASS Online 2020' in the Organisation Search bar on the left of the screen
      3. Click 'Enrol

      HASS Teaching and Learning Seminar Series

      An ongoing series with approximately 15 seminars held yearly. Each seminar is centered around a current teaching and learning topic at the request of our teaching colleagues. There are usually three or four presenters that share their experience, strategies, and ideas on the theme, with time dedicated to Q&A. 

      The dates and times of upcoming seminars are emailed to all HASS teaching staff, including casual staff, in advance of the scheduled dates. You can also access the Zoom recordings and resources from all past seminars on the HASS Online 2020 Blackboard site, (instructions for how to access this site are in the 'Resources' tab above). 

      ITaLI Events

      ITaLI have a number of teaching and learning related events throughout the year. These range from communities of practice, to digital tool workshops, Ready to Teach Week and UQ's Teaching and Learning Week. 

      Open Course Scheme

      ITaLI's Open Course Scheme provides an opportunity for staff to visit classrooms to observe the great teaching happening at UQ. This scheme allows you to attend a lecture or tutorial with an academic who has opened their course to colleagues who wish to observe. Whether you are a novice or an expert, watching someone else teach is a great way to get new ideas, see pedagogies (that you may have only heard or read about) being implemented, rediscover old favourites or find comfort in your own teaching achievements.


      There are a range of teaching and learning news sources that are available to all staff.

      • The HASS T&L Monthly Top 3 is automatically emailed to all staff at the beginning of each month. This highlights three of the most useful items in the teaching and learning sphere within HASS for that month. 
      • Browse other teaching and learning news items on ITaLI's main news page.
      • Subscribe to the monthly UQ Teaching Community Update, a newsletter curated by ITaLI with a range of teaching and learning news that has relevance for the whole of UQ.
      • The Teaching and eLearning News is emailed fortnightly to all staff who are enrolled in a Blackboard course as a member of teaching staff. This newsletter keeps you informed about eLearning systems and tools, digital learning practice, eLearning related events and other opportunities.
      • The Director of Teaching and Learning in your School will circulate key information to School staff and report on the discussions from the HASS T&L Committee. Find out who your Director of Teaching and Learning is by visiting your School's website. 

      There are a range of support services available to you for teaching and learning related matters.

      IT Support and eLearning Support

      The eLearning team offer support with UQ supported tools through one to one consultations, online guides, workshops and technical support.

      HASS teaching, learning and assessment support

      The HASS Learning Designers offer pedagogical advice, support with curriculum reviews and design, course design, assessment design, and other teaching and learning topics and issues. Email them with your query.

      ITaLI teaching, learning and assessment support

      ITaLI have a number of Learning Designers with a range of expertise. Contact them to book a consultation.

      Category Support offered
      New to Teaching at UQ
      Teaching technology
      Central teaching spaces
      Course or program design
      Learning resources for your students