Digital Cultures and Societies Hub

Digital technologies are reshaping our entire world - our personal and professional lives, our private and public selves. Through transforming cultural expression and identities, leisure and consumption, and media industries and content, they raise a range of existential questions about the relationship between humans and machines in a new age of ‘augmented intelligence’.

Digital Cultures and Societies brings together researchers across four key areas of inquiry, each posing urgent questions about how we build inclusive, flourishing and sustainable societies and cultures using digital technologies and media. These are questions of power structures, the transformation of public expression and industries, how digital words influence language and social relationships, and the influence of automation.

Our researchers are concerned with the single-minded nature of these transformations, aiming to draw on a variety of disciplines of schools of thought to answer these questions. The result is a digital world that enriches relationships, facilitate social cohesion, fosters cultural understanding and belonging, and create societies that are fair and just.

Associate Professor Nicholas Carah - Hub Director