COVID-19 has made us more sustainable

18 August 2022
Franzisca Weder in front of a sustainability sign at UQ Sustainability Week
Dr Franzisca Weder.

COVID-19, rather than the threat of climate change, has spurred Australians to become more sustainable, according to research from The University of Queensland.

A study led by Dr Franzisca Weder from UQ’s School of Communication and Arts found sustainable behaviours were becoming the ‘new normal’.

“During lockdowns at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we found people became more conscious about their home, neighbours and community,” Dr Weder said.

“It also led to many people questioning if they could be self-sufficient in a crisis, which was driven by food shortages in supermarkets.

“We found people were making healthier food choices, practising better waste management and adopting other behaviours you’d expect from lockdowns such as less travelling and more cycling, walking and running.”

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