Listing of HASS Faculty staff who have been elected as Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and Australian Academy of the Humanities.

The Australian Academy of the Humanities (AAH) seeks to advance knowledge of, and pursuit of excellence in, the humanities in Australia for the benefit of the nation. Fellows are elected by their peers for their pursuit and in recognition of their excellence of scholarship in their field. Fellows within our faculty are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Emeritus Professor Philip Almond (elected 1997, Religion)
  2. Emeritus Professor Trevor Bryce (Emeritus, elected 1989, History, Classical Studies)
  3. Emeritus Professor David Carter (elected 2011, English)
  4. Emeritus Professor Conal Condren (Emeritus, elected 1990, History, Philosophy & History of Ideas)
  5. Honorary Associate Professor Helen Creese (elected 2007, History, Asian Studies)
  6. Emeritus Professor Peter Cryle (Emeritus, elected 1989, European Languages and Cultures)
  7. Professor Frederick D'Agostino (elected 2005, Philosophy & History of Ideas)
  8. Professor Simon During (elected 2000, Cultural & Communication Studies, English)
  9. Emeritus Professor Robert Elson (Emeritus, elected 1995, History, Asian Studies)
  10. Emeritus Professor Richard Fotheringham (Emeritus, elected 2004, The Arts, English)
  11. Emeritus Professor Nanette Gottlieb (Emeritus, elected 2006, Asian Studies)
  12. Professor Peter Harrison (elected 1998, History, Philosophy & History of Ideas, Religion)
  13. Emeritus Professor Laurie Hergenhan (Emeritus, elected 1993, English)
  14. Professor Peter Holbrook (elected 2013, English)
  15. Emeritus Professor Rodney Huddleston (Emeritus, elected 1984, Linguistics)
  16. Emeritus Professor Ian Hunter (Emeritus, elected 1998, Cultural & Communication Studies, Philosophy & History of Ideas)
  17. Honorary Associate Professor Brian Jones (elected 2000, Classical Studies)
  18. Emeritus Professor Veronica Kelly (Emeritus, elected 2012, English)
  19. Emeritus Professor Ian Lilley (elected 2011, Archaeology)
  20. Professor Tim Mehigan (elected 2003, Philosophy & History of Ideas, European Languages & Cultures)
  21. Emeritus Professor Clive Moore (Emeritus, elected 2011, History)
  22. Emeritus Professor John Moorhead (Emeritus, elected 2002, History, Classical Studies)
  23. Honorary Professor Daniel Nolan (elected 2013, Philosophy & History of Ideas)
  24. Honorary Associate Professor Samantha Owens (elected 2012, The Arts)
  25. Emeritus Professor Martin Stuart-Fox (Emeritus, elected 2004, History, Asian Studies, Religion)
  26. Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner (elected 1997, Cultural and Communication Studies)
  27. Professor Marshall Weisler (elected 2010, Archaeology)
  28. Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitlock (elected 2007, Cultural & Communication Studies, English)
  29. Associate Professor Greg Hainge (elected 2017, European Languages and Cultures)
  30. Professor Michael Haugh (elected 2017, Linguistics) 
  31. Professor Deborah Brown (elected 2022, Philosophy)
  32. Professor Felicity Meakins (elected 2022, Languages and Cultures)
  33. Professor Clint Bracknell (elected 2022, Languages and Cultures)


last updated November 2022




The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) promotes excellence in the social sciences in Australia and in their contribution to public policy. Fellows are conferred for their scholarly distinction in research or the advancement of the social sciences. Fellows within our faculty are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Professor Janeen Baxter (elected 2009, Sociology, Panel A)
  2. Professor Stephen Bell (elected 2011, Political Science, Panel C)
  3. Professor Alex Bellamy (elected 2010, Political Science, Panel C)
  4. Professor Roland Bleiker (elected 2017, Political Science, Panel C)
  5. Professsor Annemaree Carroll (elected 2018, Education, Panel D)
  6. Emeritus Professor Conal Condren (elected 2001, Political Science, Panel C)
  7. Emeritus Professor David De Vaus (Emeritus, elected 2007, Sociology, Panel A)
  8. Emeritus Professor John Elkins (Emeritus, elected 1996, Education, Panel D)
  9. Professor Tim Dunne (elected 2016, Political Science, Panel C) 
  10. Professor Kath Gelber (elected 2017, Political Science, Panel C)
  11. Professor Brian Head (elected 2012, Political Science, Panel C)
  12. Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Lawrence (Emeritus, elected 2004, Sociology, Panel A)
  13. Emeritus Professor Robert Lingard (elected 2011, Sociology, Panel A)
  14. Professor Lorraine Mazerolle (elected 2014, Sociology, Panel A)
  15. Professor Felicity Meakins (elected 2020, Linguistics)
  16. Professor Paul Memmott (elected 2014, Anthropology, Panel A)
  17. Professor Martin Mills (Honorary in School of Education, elected 2016, Sociology, Panel A)
  18. Professor Christian Reus-Smit (elected 2008, Political Science, Panel C)
  19. Emeritus Professor Kay Saunders (Emeritus, elected 2001, History, Panel C)
  20. Emeritus Professor Peter Spearritt (Emeritus, elected 1996, History, Panel C)
  21. Professor Mark Western (elected 2011, Sociology, Panel A)
  22. Professor Gillian Whitehouse (elected 2018, Political Science, Panel C)
  23. Dr Nancy Williams (Honorary in Anthropology, School of Social Science – elected 1997)


last updated November 2020