HASS Researcher Funding Support

​​​​​​​ARC Fellowship Schemes- HASS Support

HASS ARC Fellowship Schemes- Expression of Interest
The HASS Faculty run EOI processes for ARC schemes to assess scheme readiness and to assist in providing targetted support to HASS Researchers with their grant development.

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Research Funding - UQ RO Support

UQ provides a variety of resources to help researchers find potential funding opportunities.
Discover funding opportunities at UQ
Applications for external competitive grants from UQ researchers are submitted through the Research Office in UQ Research and Innovation (UQ R&I).
Applying and submitting a proposal through UQ

Find Funding and Opportunities using Pivot-RP
Pivot-RP has been launched as the primary tool for UQ researchers to find competitive research funding opportunities. Follow the steps listed on the UQ Library website (linked above) to set up your account. 

UQ Research Office Support
Information on the support for UQ researchers provided by the UQ Research Office can be located here.

  • ARC
    Australian Research Council (ARC) funding is competitively awarded to researchers working in all academic fields except health and medical research. 
  • Internal Schemes
    UQ internally funded schemes and initiatives cover the breadth of research activity, from early-career research and seed initiatives to infrastructure funding.
    National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding is awarded across the spectrum of health and medical research, from the basic sciences to clinical, public health, and health services research.
  • Other
    See the UQ Research Office 'Research Management' page for information on MRFF, Industry schemes, International schemes, and more.
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