As you have just started at UQ - welcome! We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can support you in your research endeavours. 


A policy we have for new staff in HASS is that they will meet with our Associate Dean (Research) in the first few months of their arrival. The meeting is to discuss your research activities, provide you with insights on the research landscape at UQ and help you hit the ground running. You will be contacted by the Executive Team to arrange a time that works for you. During your meeting the Associate Dean (Research) will discuss this "New Staff Guide" with you. This guide won't provide you with all the answers you need but we hope it will give you a few pointers on how to get started. For everything else just get in touch and we are very happy to discuss your individual needs. We are always available at

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Top Tips

Below are some handy tips from the Faculty Research Office (FRO). These tips are to assist you in making connections and ensuring you are being connected to the right communication channels at UQ. 


In your School, Centre or Institute

  • Find a mentor. Ask your Head of School/Institute Director or supervisor about how you find a research mentor. 
  • Find out who your Director of Research is, have a chat to them and find out what is happening in the school and beyond. They are tapped into committees (in the school/institute/faculty) where all things research are discussed.
  • Attend local school based seminars, go to morning teas.
  • Sign up to the mailing list or talk to your school support staff to check you have been added to the local email group.


In our Faculty

  • Email with any question no matter how unusual or strange it might be. Chances are we have come across it before and are happy to help and if we can't we will point you in the right direction.
  • Every Friday you will receive a HASS FRO on Friday e-newsletter that is focussed on activities and opportunities relevant to HASS researchers. If you would like to receive this e-newsletter please follow this link and complete the short survey to sign up.



  • Go to the 'New to UQ' website as this is a fantastic list of all central training, mailing lists, and resources that you need to be aware of as a new staff member at UQ.
  • Contact your librarian. Each subject area has a librarian who can provide you with a personal Library introduction and help with research, metrics, literature reviews, database training, data management and more. More information on the Library's Services for Researchers can be found here.
  • UQ Systems for Researchers - UQ operates a number of corporate systems that you will need to interact with. The Library Team have compiled an overview in this handy guide.


And Beyond

  • Australian Research Council (ARC) – if you intend to apply to the ARC in the future and haven't applied for funding before, bookmark their website and create a profile in their Research Management System (RMS) so you are ready to go for funding season.
  • Depending on your discipline make sure you tap in to the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia or Australian Academy of the Humanities. We have a number of fellows in both at UQ but they also run small funding opportunities and are also clued in to what is happening in the sector. We also maintain a list of our HASS Fellows of the Academies.
  • There are other peak national bodies, like DAASH, Go8 or Universities Australia that distribute newsletters which can provide useful insights as to what is happening nationally and internationally. However the FRO does endeavour to share information also via our FRO on Friday e-newsletter.
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