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UQ Researcher Profile - Health Check

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Research Computing Centre (RCC) - Digital Humanities and Social Sciences team

RCC’s Digital HASS team provide digital consulting, and management and hosting of digital content for UQ HASS academics and HDR students.

UQ Research Computing Centre (RCC) - DHSS

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Draft HASS Sustainable Research Guidelines

In late 2021, we announced the development of HASS ‘Sustainable Research’ Guidelines, the aim of which is to reduce the carbon footprint of research related activities. This important piece of work is in direct response to the HASS staff COVID-19 survey conducted in mid-2020 where action on climate change was identified as a key priority during the recovery phase of the pandemic. UQ has nominated the climate crisis a key national and global challenge.

All universities have a responsibility to walk the talk and be global leaders in tackling our carbon footprints. UQ is finalising its latest Sustainability Action Plan and its commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, building on its activities in relation to clean energy, waste reduction and sustainable procurement practices. The time is right for HASS and UQ to demonstrate further leadership on decarbonising our work. We are not alone in taking these steps. Other universities in Australia and overseas, along with disciplinary associations in the arts, humanities and social sciences, are developing their own commitments to reducing the carbon footprint of academic work. 

The Sustainable Research guidelines have been developed by a working party drawn primarily from members of the HASS Research Committee. Members of the working party included Professor Kelly Fielding, Associate Professor Martin Crotty, Dr Ray Maher, Dr Franzisca Weder and Ms Rachel Smith. We would like to thank the working party members for their stewardship in refining the principles and actions outlined in the guidelines in response to an earlier round of feedback provided by the HASS Faculty Executive, the HASS Research Committee and HASS ECMCR representatives.

Draft HASS Sustainable Research Guidelines (PDF,177KB)


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