The Bachelor of Education (Primary) is a four year pre-service teacher qualification designed for effective teacher preparation in the unique contemporary context. The program develops capacities required by teachers working in the information age, a time of rapid change where education is recognised as playing an increasingly important role in society. 

First year plans

To complete the program, a student must complete 64 units from the BEd(Primary) course list, comprising—

(a) 54 units for core courses; and

(b) 6 units for a study area; and

(c) 4 units from a study area, or electives as approved by the program convenor, or a combination of both.

The following course selection guide is relevant for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Primary) program:

Semester 1 Semester 2
EDUC1710 A Sociological Orientation to Education EDUC1706 Introduction to Role of Science and Technology Education in Society
EDUC1760 Early Years Curriculum and Pedagogical Foundations EDUC1740 Introduction to Primary Professional Experience
EDUC1720 Mathematics and Numeracy for Quality Teaching in the Primary Years EDUC1730 Introduction to Teaching English and Literacy
EDUC1750 Learning and Development for Educators   2 units from a minor or an elective from the BEd (Primary) course list

What courses do I need to do?

To ensure that students are familiar with their program rules and requirements we ask that all students complete a self-progression check in the first instance. Then if you still have questions or concerns about your outstanding program requirements the Faculty would be happy to review your progression check and provide advice. To complete a progression check please use the following steps:

Step 1 – Print out your studies report from mySI-net using the following steps:

  • Log into mySI-net
  • From the top left-hand side menu select the option for ‘Studies Report’
  • Follow the prompts

Step 2 – Select your program from the list:

Step 3 – Select your year of commencement from the top right hand side and click ‘Change’.

Step 4 – Go to ‘Program Rules and Requirements’ and ensure that you have understanding of your program requirements, for example, do you need to select a major; is there an advanced level requirement etc. Once you understand your program requirements you can move to the next step.  

Step 5 - Select the green course list button on the left hand menu.

Step 6 – Compare your studies report to the course list and tick off the courses you have completed, and note the courses you are planning to complete in the future. Ensuring that you have completed all of your compulsory courses, and courses towards your major(s).

Step 7 – Once you have gone through and ticked off all of your completed courses, view your program rules and requirements again to ensure that you are meeting all requirements (e.g. overall structural requirements, advanced level requirements etc). Ensure you can tick off that you have completed (or are planning to complete) all of the requirements.

Please Note

• To have your progression check verified by a Student Administration Officer, or if you have questions or concerns, please upload your completed check by signing in here using your UQ username and password.  Please ensure that you upload your studies report, course list(s) (ensuring you have indicated all completed courses and future enrolments), and program rules with your notes..

• Dual degree students must consult with the relevant faculty regarding outstanding requirements for the other component of the dual.