WISH YOU WERE HERE! Postcards from future Queensland

Telling stories of a better world... 

The Greek krisis means ‘to decide, a point at which a change must come'. 

In Queensland, the COVID-19 crisis is altering life in ways that were unimaginable even a few weeks ago.

While this is undeniably frightening, as writers we also see it as a moment of possibility.

We want to inspire you to imagine this as a turning point on the way to a better future. 

Every two weeks, our UQ writers will reveal a new challenge to help you write a postcard from that future to the world. Then we’ll publish some of our favourites here!

Postcards from future Queensland

Read some of our favourite postcards from previous lessons.

Shae A, St Lucia 4067, University student
"All I remember about the lockdown was being out of baking powder for a month because everyone suddenly needed to be Nigella. Can’t even remember what I watched on Netflix.” “Ha! God, I do. Locked in for ten weeks, homeschooling a pre-teen and a kid with ADHD. It’s burned into my soul. It’s a point-in-time marker for me, in so many ways.”
Hailey H, Kenmore 4069, Grade 12 student
'Hey!' 'Hi. You happy to go this way?' 'Yep, lead on.' 'You look good today.' 'Thank you, you too...' 'Your hair has really grown out in the last year.' 'Yeah, well, that haircut I gave myself in the lock-down wasn't the best of decisions. My mum even thought of buying me a wig.'
Charlotte H, Chapel Hill 4069, Grade 12 student
“Hey!” “Hi.” “Is here good, or would you prefer the back row?” “Let’s go to the back row, otherwise the screen is too close.” “After you.” “No, after you.” “Okay, thanks.” “Well that was a weird movie.” “I actually really liked it!” “You don’t have to pretend to like it, just because I picked it.”

Ruby S, Kenmore 4060, Grade 8 student
I make my way through the restaurant to the booked table but my date is already here. I'm relieved he actually looks like his picture since tinder is so unreliable. "G'day Emma!" His voice overpowers the restaurant din by at least ten decibels. Before I can respond, he sweeps me into a tight hug. So much for boundaries.
Lexi D, Moggill 4070, Grade 8 student
“Hi! So, uh, this is cool. The sunrise is really pretty...” “Yeah…” “I remember that we would never have been able to go out two years ago around this time. We’ve, uh, grown up a lot since then.” “Maybe. Isolation wasn’t hard, though. We pretty much played games all day!”
Montana R, Centenary Heights 4350, Grade 12 student
His eyes meet with mine, Like a ray of sunshine, Something I missed while I was confined, The sensations I missed—truly sublime. It was as if the Earth was punishing us for our crimes, The Earth needed to rejuvenate; it needed some time, Once the pandemic was over there was laughing and crying, Before and after, is like comparing a penny to a dime, My relatives united, together they cracked open some wine.

Aishah P, South Maclean 4280, Grade 11 student
"So... erm..." "You look like you want to say something." "Oh... yes! Uh... I'd just like to say that I'm so glad to be here on this date with you!" "I'm glad, too." "It's funny, isn't it...? To think that two years ago, in the year 2020, we wouldn't have been allowed on this date, in the cinemas... just to simply watch a movie. Shocking, right?"
Sophie K, McDowall 4053, Grade 7 student
Walking into my favourite coffee shop I squirted some hand sanitiser on my hands and sat down. Hovering my hand over a small disk on the table, I read the holographic menu that appeared in front of me and then sent for a waiter with a flick of my wrist. It was unbelievable that all this technology had been made only 2 years after COVID-19!
Matilda E, Samford Valley 4520, Grade 7 student
Aubrey: ‘Um, hi?’ Aaron: ‘Oh! I didn’t see you there! My apologies, I’m Aaron.’ Aubrey: ‘That’s ok, I’m Aubrey.’ Aaron: ‘It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Aubrey.’ Aubrey: ‘Uh, you too.’ Aaron: ‘Lovely. I feel like we’re going to be wonderful friends.’ Aubrey: ‘Ha! *snort* Me too.’ Aaron: ‘So what do you fancy for tea?’ Aubrey: ‘Oh, I don't drink tea, I’m more of a coffee person.’
Brittany T, Mount Gravatt East 4122, University student
Do you really think it's better though? I mean, really? Could things have been handled better? Of course they could have but I think that we have grown because of it. Look around you. Look at the table over there making eye contact, seeing each other, really seeing each other instead of being on their phones.


Young Queenslanders have the chance to submit a postcard from a hopeful, post-COVID future as part of a new University of Queensland creativity project.

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