WISH YOU WERE HERE! Postcards from future Queensland

Telling stories of a better world... 

The Greek krisis means ‘to decide, a point at which a change must come'. 

In Queensland, the COVID-19 crisis is altering life in ways that were unimaginable even a few weeks ago.

While this is undeniably frightening, as writers we also see it as a moment of possibility.

We want to inspire you to imagine this as a turning point on the way to a better future. 

Every two weeks, our UQ writers will reveal a new challenge to help you write a postcard from that future to the world. Then we’ll publish some of our favourites here!


Write a postcard

One year after lockdown

Some of our favourite postcards from lesson 2

Courtney S, Toowoomba 4350, Grade 12 student
A loud knock vibrates the trees above my house, sending leaves plummeting down like the tremble of hail on a tin roof on a stormy night. Opening my eyes to the harsh reality of loneliness as high school ended, and my friends have moved to different continents and the university futures that I imagined. In one slow movement, my feet hit the floor as the journey to the door begins. I open it to find a dull brown box that sparks a moment of curiosity and mystery.
Grace T, Harristown 4350, Grade 12 student
The cool summer breeze lured her into the street where the grass, green and lush, sunk under her feet and tickled her toes. The uniform mumbling of ‘good afternoon’ between passers-by echoed past in the gentle wind. She smiled at the man across the street watering an assortment of peach, coral and red roses. She watched as the sun began its descent below the horizon, pinks and oranges spewed across the sky as if deliberately and perfectly painted.
Charlotte H, Chapel Hill 4069, Grade 12 student
A dull thud resonates on the timber decking, creating an explosion of dust particles that infiltrate the sun’s bright rays. A rough, brown package perches teetering on my doorstep, struggling to regain balance having been dumped awkwardly. My fingers trace the perforated stamps and I resist the urge to shred the delicate wrapping. The air quivers with anticipation as I carefully secure the parcel in my trembling hands, desperate not to drop it.

Alanah C, Toowoomba 4350, Grade 12 student
I finally hear him. I crawl out of my dark room like a mammal after hibernation as the footsteps of the delivery man on the front veranda become louder and louder. I never thought I’d be this excited about a mundane brown box. Out of sheer habit, he places the package on my doorstep and retreats back to the Volkswagen Transporter.
Ruby S, Kenmore 4060, Grade 8 student
Dear Gemma, How are you? Since all phones, laptops and iPads have been destroyed, I have turned to writing post cards. Do you want to do a hologram chat on Wednesday? I find it a little nauseating standing there for ages but I really need to talk to you. Remember the pandemic from last year? Of course you do!
Juliette P, Holland Park 4121, Grade 11 student
Hi Hannah! I know I can just text or facetime you, but I thought this could be cute. You won't believe what happened today - my Calmer finally came! It's crazy that I used to refuse to take any unnecessary medicine, but hey, weirder things have happened. Hopefully now I can go outside without having a panic attack.

Sophie K, McDowall 4053, Grade 7 student
“Yes! They’re finally here!” I shout into the house. I rush inside and tear the tape off the wonderful package. The box is slowly opened. Everyone looks at me. I carefully lift the bubble wrap and stare at the small sheets of cotton.
Jack W, Pittsworth 4356, Grade 12 student
Running down the stairs, in the cold misty morning with the smell of smoke from the tired chimneys in the background. I see a new box to open on the table. I pick it up and open it, receiving bonus coins for my game.
Hailey H, Kenmore 4069, Grade 12 student
Okay, open your eyes now!' Light momentarily blinds me as I lift my hands in the small kitchen. But I can't believe what I'm seeing.... 'But how...?' 'Don't worry about it, just try them on! Go on!'
Aishah P, South Maclean 4280, Grade 11 student
Excitedly, I ripped open the box, the colourful wrapping strewn across the floor. For a brief moment, I hesitated, my figure looming above the box. "Go on, see what's inside," My mum whispered softly, gently placing her hand on my back as if to encourage me.


Young Queenslanders have the chance to submit a postcard from a hopeful, post-COVID future as part of a new University of Queensland creativity project.

WISH YOU WERE HERE! Postcards from future Queensland is an initiative run by The University of Queensland, with support from UQ's School of Communication and Arts,  Centre for Critical and Creative Writing, AustLit and Corella Press