Why study the Bachelor of Arts?

My current role as a television producer involves a lot of writing and editing, as well as managing people. I believe my studies taught me key skills across these aspects.
The great thing about a dual degree in Arts and Engineering is the ability to combine technical hands on degree with the breadth of an arts degree.
I loved the flexibility of my program. My Bachelor of Arts allowed me to test the waters in different disciplines and realise my areas of interest.
My BA prepared me to become an insightful team leader and player. I credit subjects within my BA for providing me with the essential skills underpinning my business management career.
It was a no-brainer to study within the Arts program at UQ especially because of the majors available, in particular The Studies in Religion and Peace and Conflict studies major, not many other universities in Australia have these majors available.
The best thing about The Bachelor of Arts program is the array of high quality French teachers, who have all had an impact on me.
UQ's Bachelor of Arts Writing major striked a delicate balance between creative and professional writing and sparked my interest in both poetry and editing.
I found a course titled Looking at Art, but what I really found was a discipline that allowed me to explore the ongoing significance of art as a platform for shaping and interpreting the world in which we live.