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Why study the Bachelor of Arts?

What our International students say

When I decided the field of study I wanted to do, which is Media & Digital Cultures, I found out that UQ has one of the best curriculum in this area.
I chose UQ because is it not only one of the best universities in Australia, but also amongst the top 100 universities for social science in the world!
The best thing about my program at UQ is the high quality of education that I experienced that contributes to a strong global reputation.
The best things about the program are the professors. Every professor has so much knowledge to share, it's incredible.
The best thing about studying at UQ is that we have the access to a wide range of resources, facilities and opportunities.
As a girl with passion for humanities, appealing environment like the UQ campus plays equal importance to me as academic excellence.
After I graduate I want to be a guidance counsellor back in Vietnam and help students to gain better insights into their future.
Studying at UQ delights me in many ways. I have a chance to live and explore a beautiful school life at one of the best 50 universities in the world.
What I love about the Bachelor of Communication at UQ is the diversity of courses and minor options which provides very practical knowledge for a career in PR and Communication.