Meet HASS Honours Alumni

What can you do with an Honours degree from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences?

Our graduates end up all over the globe undertaking PhD's, working for governments, the private sector, non-for-profits, galleries, they go on to do teaching, researching, being project managers and undertaking many other roles! Having your Honours gives you a step up from the competition and opens you up to a world of opportunities. 

Check out some of our graduates and be inspired to undertake 'One year. One extraordinary research experience'. 

10. Ella Kuskoff, BA (Hons) in Sociology & Lingustics

What were the benefits of doing Honours?

Honours has opened up so many doors, it is hard work but I learnt so much about myself and what I wanted to do, plus there is such a sense of satisfaction at the end! We all met at the Red Room to celebrate when we finished. Us sociologists stuck together, it was a great feeling to all go through the Honours journey together. Honours made our friendships stronger because we were a small cohort together for the whole year. The other Honours students were my support group.  

What do you see as a benefit of doing Honours?

Honours showed me what I was interested in. Honours taught me research and writing skills and keeping a document structured and on point for a year was such a learning experience rather than a challenge. In Honours I had more freedom and so much to learn, the year made me fall in love with research and become really passionate and interested in my thesis topic - Youth Homelessness Policies in Australia. 

My supervisor was amazing, the whole experience was good. They were so excited about my research topic and having two supervisors was great, one brought confidence and the other was more level headed so together it was a winning combination.